Add Your Drop!

"Do I really need to pray? After all, all the big men of God are praying, isn't that enough? People are praying, God will hear them." That's the devil talking to you. Shut him up!!! You might think your prayers are only a little drop of water, but it only takes one drop for a [...]

According to DQ: Miracles

Tuesday morning.Family devotion.I asked Bumble-Bee to suggest a praise song so we could all sing along. In his usual fashion, he carried his drums sticks and began banging on his drums as he sang his second favourite song:"You're the God of miracles, signs and wonders.We believe in your power, we believe in your power."We all [...]

Man’s not . . .

2 years ago, it was my couch. Today, I’m in bed, but not because I don’t feel like doing what I have to do – I’m down with a cold. Still, I’m glad that God sends messages to us to keep our spirits alive even when our bodies are highly unable to assist.

So, for those of us with 2020 visions, this is me cheering you on. WE CAN DO IT!!!

Alethea's Mind

Right now, I’m supposed to be upstairs in my corner, doing what I’m supposed to be doing at this time; but I’m not. I’m here, sitting on the couch . . .

You know when you just don’t have it in you ‘to do’. That’s how I feel at this moment. These very frequent episodes when the spirit is willing, but the flesh is highly unable to assist, so it lies limp, like a dead cat.

The struggle is real.

wake up.gif

So here I am: the dead cat . . . or maybe not . . .

I sense opportunity.

I feel a little drive.

This is my chance.

It’s now or never.

And if you’re like me, dead cat’s sibling, sitting on that couch or lying in that bed wasting away when you should me doing something usefully good, so not to waste any more of our time…

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Of Rainbows and Identity

It was Bumble-Bee's birthday on Tuesday. My amazing drummer boy turned 3. In the run-up to his birthday, every time he was asked what he wanted, he would say "Rainbow cake". At a point, my friends began to wonder what his fascination was for rainbows. "I want 'rainbow' drumsticks" "I want 'rainbow' shoe" "I want [...]

According to DQ: Matthew 18:20

I enjoy our morning devotions as a family. God speaks to us in many ways, and one of those many ways is through the voices of our kids. For those who follow this blog, you might have come across quite a few of these types of posts where I share a quote or an action [...]

When Anger Finds the Dark

Be angry but do not sin. Do not let the sun go down on your anger. Ephesians 4:26 Sunset. When the sun goes down, all that remains is darkness. Anger. Every time there is anger, sin lurks in the corner, looking for the opportunity to take over. Darkness. Every work of sin is born in [...]