I thought I saw a Mushroom . . .

. . . at the scent of water!

We were moving into our new home and long lost belongings began to surface. One of them was a transparent plastic container that held all sorts of things we had stowed away. As I looked closely into the container, I noticed something lying at the bottom that looked like the thighbone of a chicken . . . yup, my thoughts exactly, how did that get there? To save up some of my curiosity juices for more important detective duties, I decided to take a proper peak into the container and only then did I realise what it really was.

When I lived in Asia and Boo of life would come visit, I’d send back with him some souvenirs to give out to his friends. One of such souvenirs was a bunch of wooden pencil key holders made from real tree barks. When I first saw them, I totally fell in love with the idea. I liked them a lot because they were unique and I felt it was a good way to share with others a part of the country I lived in. They looked a bit like the picture below, but with a keyring attached to it. So I got them and gave them to him to take back.


(Photo credit)¹

Fast forward to about four years later, one of them was left and ended up in the little plastic container. After all those years, with all the moist and damp, it grew all sorts of funny stuff on it and looked quite weird. But what took me by surprise was what looked like a mushroom at the end of it. How was that possible? As I gave it much thought, my attention was drawn to this scripture in Bible:

              Job 14:7-9: At least there is hope for a tree: if it is cut down, it will sprout again, and its new shoots will not fail. Its roots may grow old in the ground and its stump die in the soil, yet at the scent of water it will bud and put forth shoots like a plant.


I had a physical manifestation of that scripture right before my eyes. I was amazed. How in the midst of all the junk that was in the container, a mushroom managed to grow on the wooden pencil was intriguing.

But I was encouraged.

I needed to see that.

mushroom 2

I was all fired up; at a point in my life when I felt like a tree cut down and left for dead, seeing a somewhat dead tree bark grow a mushroom meant there was hope for me. I mused on this for a very long time but did my musing without picking up the pencil from the bottom of the container. I just watched it from a distance, I didn’t want to risk picking it up and killing my ray of hope.

After sharing my discovery with Boo of life, I began to think about how if affected every area of my existence. I started to see things I knew were dead come alive again. My prayer habit, my writing, my reading and study habit, even my edges (considering my hair always decides to fall off after I have a baby) . . . I applied the lesson wholesomely and believed that no matter what, nothing could be ruled out as dead until it was in the grave!

But Lazarus came forth from the grave, didn’t he? Henceforth, I told myself, even the grave isn’t a barrier anymore.

And when I think that I’ve become dry bones scattered about, I remember Ezekiel speaking life to bones and raising a mighty army. With a word of faith, bones found bones and skin covered them. Amazingly, John’s femur found his pelvis hidden under a pile of Peter, Jonah, Judas and James, it didn’t get lost, it didn’t attach itself to another’s parts: it found its own and merged it well without confusion. And so did Peter’s, and Jonah’s and Judas’ and James’.

So why shouldn’t I?

Why shouldn’t you?

Yes. I was fired up.

Then Boo of life came to witness my discovery and decided his curiosity went beyond looking through the sides of the container, so he went ahead to reach for the pencil and brought it out.

All I can say is he didn’t burst my bubble because at that point, my bubble was already made of steel . . . as he used his finger to dislodge what turned out to be a little sea shell from the top of the pencil.



My mushroom of hope was a sea shell hanging on for dear life.

But who cares?

Mushroom disguised sea shell had delivered the message from the Lord and I was already fired up and there was no going back . . . trust me, you wouldn’t be reading this post if I didn’t think I saw a mushroom.

P.S: I had picture evidence . . . until Boo of life deleted it.

(Note to self: keep your pictures in your own phone)

Photo credit: Rustic Pencil Wood Twig Bark Pencil by CrimsonHollow

39 thoughts on “I thought I saw a Mushroom . . .

  1. I love this! It’s just like faith- the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. Cos even when you think you’ve seen something and choose to believe, it turns out to be nothing but your belief remains unshaken, Halleluyah!!

    More like …the God we serve will deliver us but (perhaps, par adventure he does not save us we will still not bow down to your God [paraphrased]

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I totally agree with you. Another might have observed what I did and will get a completely different message…or none at all. I’m glad that the One who made us knows how to draw our attention.


  2. Hmm. At the scent of water…. No matter how dead we feel in our walk with God, we should just place ourselves in the right atmosphere, no struggles, no pretence,no attempt to disguise or force things that aren’t there. One day, just one day, the Lord will cause us to bud.

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  3. Beautifully delivered message: ‘Once I’ve been designed and birthed with purpose, it can’t die. I just need to remain in the right circle of influence and watch myself bloom’. Now that’s word! 😘


  4. Great piece, vision well captured. Stay focused and value every piece.
    “bubble already made of steel”….hmm.
    May our good Lord continue to open wide, your mind’s eyes.
    **boo of life actions….adds a perspective.
    Well done.


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