New beginnings

The Spirit is surely One! This is the season so ‘Sprout’!


Last night, I heard these words flutter through my ears about new beginnings and sprouts:

There are going to be sprouts of things that have developed in obscurity. Things that have been growing under the surface will be breaking through the loam they are buried in. The ground is giving way allowing for the manifestation of what has brewed up in the secret, dark places. Sprouting; out of the unknown.


The light of Christ’s glory bringing exposure to things that stayed unrecognizable in the shadows. The seeming disorder taking a beautiful form; finding its visible expression. Incognito, you’ve been kept in stealth to aid uninterrupted growth but now you are revealed. You will not be ashamed of what was produced. An undercover threat suddenly emerging out of nowhere; to plunder and regain all that was taken and much more.

A formidable force quietly built up under all the pressure and…

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