In the beginning was Innocence . . .

. . . till I saw the Light walk to my door.

Photo by Benji Aird

From the moment he let out his first cry, I heard it in his voice.

It was pure, and peaceful and true.

He cried not because he was guilty of anything, but because he had been introduced to something new. For the first time, he breathe outside his human incubator; for the first time, he saw light, real light. In his eyes were something you don’t come across every day; his eyes beamed with real passion, for life, for me. Never had anyone looked at me with such tenderness.

And adoration.

And Love.

His eyes said so many things that could never be put in words and as I stared back at him, I knew the feeling was mutual.

For the first time, I knew what Innocence meant and I was holding him.

It wasn’t the absence of evil. It was the absence of the knowledge of it.

And as I looked at this priceless gift, I saw Eden standing right in front of me. I saw perfection before the fall, I saw man’s innocence, and then I knew how beautiful it must have been to dwell in unity with God Himself, and walk beside him in the cool of the day. I saw Adam being naked and not ashamed, because he was clothed in God’s glory and it fit him well. I saw God giving him a name and commanding him to dominate the earth; I saw it all in just one glance.

We shared a lot together. Such unity and oneness of purpose. We said we would grow up together and never be apart. We vowed to love and trust and obey. We vowed that we would never stray.

In the beginning was Innocence, and Innocence dwelt among the guilty.

In the beginning was Innocence, and he sucked on the breast of his mother.

In the beginning was Innocence; but the beginning had an end, for soon Innocence breathe in too much air, and the light in his eyes was darkness. The Innocence I once knew faded away to nothingness and Innocence was no more. He stared down at me with his eyes full of knowledge and I looked to the ground in shame. His voice was hard and taunting, I knew he had tasted the fruit too.


Photo by Ian Espinosa

He wore a cloak of pride to cover his nakedness, his tears were cold and dry, and there was no passion in his eyes. The one who once depended on me announced his independence with a blow to my heart. Eden was polluted, and its gates were shut with fiery swords to keep me out. The command to dominate was executed with misguided dominance, and the earth cried out for freedom.

Evil was present, and so was the knowledge of it, and everyone paid the price.

Innocence packed his bag and was gone, gone with the wind!

Days turned to weeks, and weeks turned to years, and each night in each year, I cried myself to sleep. The void in my heart was too deep to fill. Innocence or nothing could make me complete. I looked through my window into the empty street, the silence of a thousand years was screaming at me.

There was no light at the end of this tunnel, or so I thought . . .

. . . till I saw the Light walk to my door.

His knock was gentle, but loud enough to hear.

I knew I was scared, and fear was my friend. I didn’t make a move; it was a while I opened my door since Innocence left. But from where I stood, His light could not hide, it pierced through the walls and entered my soul.

Photo by Taylor Young

One step, two steps, and soon I reached the door. I stretched out my hand and paused half-way to the knob.

‘What if he came in and didn’t like what he saw?’

‘What if he came in and walked right out the back door?’

‘What if he’s not enough to fill up the void?’

‘What if I’m not worth his love anymore?’

But brighter and brighter his light pierced my soul and out went my old friend, fear never returned.

I opened the door and guess who I saw . . . it was Innocence, or so I thought, that stood at my door. He had his eyes, I couldn’t deny I was looking at what I once lost. But then he spoke and I was sure I was standing before what I never had.


he said to me.

The sound of his voice shook my very existence, throwing my doubts away.

‘Redeemed’? What did that even mean? Innocence I understood; Redeemed, my mind could not comprehend. But he saw the question in my eyes and answered the longing of my heart.

‘I am the Light in your darkness, the Peace in your storm. I am the Way in your wilderness, the Truth in your doubt. I am the Author and Finisher, the Life for your death, Comfort in your sorrow, Joy for your soul . . . in me you live, and move, and have your being. I am all of this, and more . . . if only you will let me in.’

He stretched out his hands and reached out to me. I could see a scar on each palm of his hands; heart shaped . . . love filled. And with just one hug the void in my soul ceased to exist.

Innocence had nothing on the One who stood before me.

When Innocence left, he tore my heart in two, smashing it into a million pieces. He stripped me and beat me and broke my bones beyond repair. I was naked and ashamed, I was lost and afraid . . . till Redemption came.

He was all I ever needed, and he was mine all along. Hand in hand we walked side by side into my new forever and I’ll never be alone.

His love has covered me. His sacrifice has saved me. His stripes have healed me. His name has claimed me. He brought me back to Eden, right where I was supposed to be.

In the beginning was innocence; but now I AM REDEEMED!

Photo by Austin Schmid

This is for all those looking for answers. For those searching for a way out. For those longing for something more. For those about to throw in the towel. Let me point you to someone who is The Answer, The Way, The Life-Giver and The Sustainer. His name is Jesus . . . the one with nail-pierced hands . . . open wide!

Jesus answered, “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me. John 14:6

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