The ‘Bonooni’ Effect

Have you ever met someone, and from the first moment you did, you felt like you’ve known the person all your life?

One day, I was scrolling past my timeline on Facebook and noticed a certain video that had been trending among a portion of my circle for some days but I partially ignored. Somehow at this point, when KD shared it on his wall, I knew I couldn’t ignore it anymore, so I clicked on it and started to watch.

And that was it.

I was hooked.

I watched it one more time, and then another. And when Boo of life came home, I played it again. And when Youtube recommended another video, I’ll let their recommendation  play, but half way through, I’ll go right back to my original video. That was how I played it countless number of times till Drama Queen started to sing along (to her version, of course), and dance too.

So what is this mystery song? Of course it’s no mystery, considering the title of this post. But for those who might still not know, the song is titled ‘Bo Nɔɔ Ni‘ by Joe Mettle featuring Luigi Maclean. Thriving Ghanaian gospel artistes. ‘Bo Nɔɔ Ni’ {pronounced bo:noor:nee} in the Ga language of Ghana means ‘No one else’. This song, as the writer puts it, is a testimony of how God reached down to save us as we were sinking to our death in the sea of sin. The song celebrates Jesus as the reason for our salvation and how only he makes all the difference in our lives.

But this is not the first song that celebrates this truth, so why is it such a hit?

And that brings me to what I call The ‘Bonooni’ effect.

Have you ever met someone, and from the first moment you did, you felt like you’ve known the person all your life? Soon the person starts to trend in your heart and becomes a constant hashtag on your lips.

Have you ever picked up a book to read, and from the first page you flip, you never put it down till the last page was flipped? And maybe read again. And recommend.

Have you ever listened to a song just one time, and that was it on repeat for the rest of the day? And the next. And the week after.

Or have you ever had a plate of food before you, and with each spoonful, you hoped for the miracle of multiplication to happen right before your eyes, just so that experience of eating it would last forever? (I think of my friend, PKT, eating a plate of ‘naija’ Jollof* 😋)

Yes, that’s the Bonooni effect. The contagious feeling that leaves you longing for more, like you will never have enough. The urge to go back, again and again and again, till you become tired of having to return and wish you could just remain. It’s in the very infectious smile of Luigi Maclean when Joe Mettle began singing ‘Tsaatsɛ Moko bɛ ni ta mɔ bo‘, the very groovy portion of the song.

Screen Shot 2017-09-20 at 15.34.07.png

It’s in the perfectly blended cocktail of words used in the book you’re reading that keeps you flipping pages and drooling for more; yes, the writer sure had her mojo on. It’s in the way your friend looks at you, like you’re the only matter in the world, you feel important . . . wanted . . . needed. And of course, it’s in the groove of that song, so you keep grooving to the beat cos you’re not going to get tired of it anyway.

The Bonooni effect.

But most of all, the Bonooni effect can be found undoubtedly in one thing: TRUTH.

You see, what made the song ‘Bonooni’ so palpable was the fact that the writer and singers likewise were bringing it to us from a place of placid truth. There was no doubt that they knew and understood what they were singing about. When Joe Mettle said “So this song is my testimony”, he meant that the words he was about to sing were born from firsthand experience, and the joy that emanated from him afterward was proof of it.

Screen Shot 2017-09-20 at 15.40.59

There’s something about looking into the eyes of someone you love, especially when you ‘truly’ love. You don’t see their flaws. Sometimes you don’t even see that they don’t love you back. Love that is true, covers a multitude of sin, as the good book attests. And indeed, truth sets free. Truth always wins. Truth is ‘Bonooni’!

That’s the Bonooni effect.

So before you go online to read the next crazy thing happening in this very sad world, why don’t you find something with that ‘Bonooni’ effect and drench yourself in it. Is it a friend, that book, that song, that hobby . . . whatever will lift your spirit, as long as it’s righteous, go on, get in!

‘Bonooni’ without guilt . . . or ‘Banana’, as Drama Queen would rather sing.


Oh, here’s a Youtube link for the song I’m still very much enjoying at this point. Join me.


P.S . . . Joe Mettle knows nothing of this 🤐


*naija is the nickname for Nigerian, and Jollof is the purest form of pleasure . . . sorry, rice.

23 thoughts on “The ‘Bonooni’ Effect

  1. Thanks for also displaying the Bo Nدد Ni Effect in your story. I’m smiling so hard I wished I could hug 🤗 you, yes you Mr. Alethea. God bless you Sir and thanks for the #Benediction


    1. 😂
      I’m laughing so hard now because you called me ‘Mr’. Lol. It’s okay though, if you heard my voice on the phone you’ll probably think I’m a guy. Thanks for your comment, heartwarming it is. And I’m receiving the hug. Bless you.


  2. I also can’t stop listening to the song. I just love it. God Bless Joe Mettle and long live him and his songs. Bless you Alethea


  3. Since this song came out, a day doesn’t go by without me singing it…..God bless Joe Mettle, Luigi and the Joe Mettle Ministry for this awesome song.


  4. So well written. My sentiments exactly… Such simple lyrics with deep undeniable meaning. I saw myself repeating the track too. The smile mom dier Luigi, keep it up.
    Min Joe, you’re a blessing. Thank you for sharing your testimony with us. The ‘Bonooni’ effect is real.


  5. Powerful song of course……just today…I have listened to the song more than 40 times….just love it….with cool lyrics and no stretching…..


  6. I think those that do not have this effect should see a doctor to check them up. Its so true. It feels as if there’s no other song but bo noo ni. Bless u .


  7. Bonooni is so awesome and it has been the song on my lips after the live recording which i attended. Yes where would we have been if not for God’s grace? And it’s so amazing he went on to call Us his very own. God bless the Joe Mettle ministry.


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