Nappy Invasion 🀒🀒🀒

What really would be my reason to give up on fighting for my life, if I wasn’t already dead?

Over the past 7 months and counting, I have been enjoying the company of the latest addition to my family; Super-chilled Dude. Like Drama Queen, his unique ability to make me smile even when I want to throw in the towel sometimes drives me nuts. Yes! Nuts! Everyone should get the opportunity to just loose it once in a while, and feel human, but they won’t let me. They give me too much hope that pushes me to go on . . . I just can’t give up.

But that’s not the topic for today.

Today we talk about nappies, or diapers, as your lingo may prefer.

You see, Super-chilled Dude is so chilled. He takes his time to do every single thing in life, not like he has had much to do anyway. Quiet. Laid-back. Gentle. Those are the words that describe him, well, until . . .


The super quiet laid-back gentle dude becomes a bolt of lightning about to shatter everything in it’s path the moment he does a ‘number-two’. Β He becomes restless, like a bunch of aliens have invaded his nappy. Or ants. And if his restlessness is not noticed and attended to immediately . . .


Yup! He lets out a shrilling cry for help. You would really think he’s about to be kidnapped.

You see, I never had such an experience with Drama Queen, so even after 7 months, I still find it intriguing that this little boy knows when he has made a mess and demands to be cleaned up I-M-M-E-D-I-A-T-E-L-Y.

Just like me.

I remember a time in my life when I struggled with a certain weakness. In those times, I would try all I could to overcome it, and when I couldn’t, I’ll beat myself up to a pulp and later cover my black eye with make-up. And so it happened with every other thing I struggled with.

My pity-parties were lit. It had the best DJs flown in.

Lighting? Perfect.

Sound? Quality.

Dance floor packed with me, myself and I, dancing with ourselves to the music of our imperfection.

Then one night, I lay in bed with my face to the ceiling and said to myself:

“I’m done trying”

At that point, I felt that if I was always going to get messed up, like Super-chilled Dude’s nappy after every meal, I might as well just get used to sitting in my mess. Maybe that’s how it’s meant to be. I was born that way. I’ll stay that way. No use crying for help, cos help hasn’t come since I started crying anyway, so it’s most probably never going to come.

But I was wrong! So wrong!

“The day you stop crying for help, you’re dead!” ― Me (Tosin Iyawo Ogaga)

Seriously, what on earth would make me love sitting in my mess? Why on earth would I rather choose pain, and love to dwell in it? What really would be my reason to give up on fighting for my life, if I wasn’t already dead? The reason Super-chilled Dude cries when he makes a mess is because he is uncomfortable in it, and would rather not remain in that state. So he cries. Cries for help. So why shouldn’t I?

Why shouldn’t you?

I know how quickly I reach for baby wipes when I get puked on. It’s a mess I can tackle, so I get at it as quickly as possible. But I find myself in a mess way bigger than I can handle and what do I do? Roll in the mud. Oh Tosin! There’s Someone who can handle it. Cry for help. CRY!

“A shout for help isn’t always a cry of pain; sometimes it is a hymn of praise.” ― Joyce Rachelle

When I came across the quote above within my little time of research, my heart skipped 5 beats. It raised my spirit in more ways than I could ever imagine, because I never would have thought of it that way. You see, every time Super-chilled Dude cried from a dirty diaper, he was crying out to me, to help him. To change him. If he didn’t think I was capable of doing it, he would never cry to me.

Oh what a sound of praise it would be to the ears of the One who can fix me when I cry for help, because my cry tells Him I trust Him. I believe Him. I know He is able. I know He can change me.

So yes, I was wrong. I was wrong that night on my bed. I was wrong to think that I could sit in my mess because help didn’t seem to come. It was wrong for me to assume help wasn’t coming. And from the moment I cried for help again, I never stopped.

I will never stop.

Like Super-chilled Dude crying about his nappy invasion, I’ll cry for help, anytime, anywhere, to anyone who can help . . . and to the One who’s got the greatest wipes around:


So if you’re sitting in a mess, a messy relationship, a messy reputation, a messy emotion, a messy heart, go on, let out that cry.

Go on.

10 thoughts on “Nappy Invasion 🀒🀒🀒

    1. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
      I’ve been waiting for this day. Lol

      Thanks for reading and I’m glad you enjoyed it. 😘😘😘

      Even though my proofreader abandoned me 😜


  1. Aunty T with the word again! This is a great reminder and a lovely way to start my day.

    Sidebar: I can’t believe Super Chilled Dude is almost eight months old already and I haven’t seen him. I’m definitely going to fix this.

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  2. Crying is a show of helplessness, therefore crying to God has more assurance of you being attended to because He is able. There are also times you find yourself crying before a man. It’s better than bottling up and injuring yourself in the inside.

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  3. As I’m writing this a song is on my mind

    Imagine me

    Loving what I see when the mirror looks at me
    In a place of no insecurities
    And I’m finally happy ’cause
    I imagine me

    Letting go of all of the ones who hurt me
    ‘Cause they never did deserve me
    Can you imagine me?
    Saying “No” to thoughts that try to control me
    Remembering all you told me
    Lord, can you imagine me?

    Often times, when we are in a mess we tend to be asphyxiated
    by our own efforts all because we want to form “strong man”Anyways who strong man “Epp”?
    but the bible tells me that “man’s breath is like the wind.
    All we need is for us to cry out and let God turn our mess
    into a miracle.

    The baby’s cry reminds me that God is ever in control and readily availble to bring succour our way..
    Same way you Tosin you’re not tired of listening to the lil baby cry , shriek and wail softly
    sometimes with a falsetto cadence, modulating between moaning like a dove and sobbing for attention,
    so also is our God standing by read to discharge his angels our way.

    For those in toxic and pungent relationships, living life from the backstage, I think Rachel Kerr’s music should offer some
    help in solitude,It goes thus

    If you don’t love me
    The way I want
    If it don’t feel right
    Down in the depths of your heart,
    If you can’t feel what I need you to feel
    Then this love ain’t real
    Let’s close the deal

    Crying out for help is not a sign of weakness, rather is a mayday call that
    we need someone to hear us out! If you need to move ahead away from the mess, CRY OUT! Sound the ALARM!
    Don’t get stuck in a messs! Cry out! shout! Scream! Wail! but someone will hear you and send help

    And that person is God, Jehova El-Gibbor!

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