The Problem Generator – The ‘Generator’ Problem

More lives are lost to human disasters than natural disasters in these parts . . . and who is held accountable?

Not so long ago, I used to rant A LOT on Facebook – I still do, but not a lot.

When I see the things going on around me that just shouldn’t be, my heart bleeds to the point that I leave blood splatters on my Timeline. Like when a one time president of my country came on national TV to say things that should never be said by a president, I went ballistic. At that point I felt that he should at least hide his shame and ACT PRESIDENTIAL and not admit to the world that he is weak and clueless. Or the time when my country’s election results were read and even a blind man could tell that the numbers didn’t add up, especially from a certain State. Yes, I took to Facebook to pour out my frustration. There was one time I got fed up with the level of pride in some people that blinded them from seeing the obvious truth. They were so consumed by their admiration of the people they supported that they could not admit when these ones were in the wrong. That time, I ranted. I must mention this one time when a certain individual was on a praise-spree of his ‘god’, about how he had performed one mediocre task that in my opinion should never be mentioned in anyone’s list of achievements. Yes, that time too, even though I did not address the said individual, I ranted about the matter.

You might notice that the things I rant about are almost close to being political, and yes, they are. Because it’s in such issues that I believe common sense should be sure foundation. Unfortunately, the reverse is the case. In fact, common sense went on vacation on such issues. So I rant.

And Rant.

But I came across something very recently and my RANTING failed me.

The Present Lagos State Governor of Nigeria handing over 120 new 5KVA generating sets to the Lagos State Police Command

I died on this matter. Yes. The matter in that picture above. Read the caption. Read it again. Read it one more time. Now die with me.

You can wake up now . . . keep reading this post. It’s really important that you do.

You see, I’m from a country where the sun shines 12 hours in a day no matter the weather, no matter the season. So when in this day and age, the leader of a thriving state decides to donate Generators to a section of his government, I blink my eyes and all my lashes fall out. To be honest, this is not the most mediocre thing someone in the position of leadership in my country has done, and it’s not the least. But this one brings me to my topic:

The Problem Generator: The Lack of Accountability.

ACCOUNTABILITY: the quality or state of being accountable; especially an obligation or willingness to accept responsibility or to account for one’s actions. For example: “lack of accountability has corroded public respect for business and political leaders” (Merriam-Webster)

As I looked for the dictionary meaning of ‘Accountability’, I came across a graph that was quite revealing. It appears that sometime in the past, the word ‘Accountability’ was less used, well, until after the 1950s. As I put on my history cap, my mind goes right to the fact that at this point in time, a lot of countries that were colonised began gaining their independence. It doesn’t shock me then why the use of the word began to rise.

Use over time for: accountability

People became aware that they had the power to control what happened in their society by holding to account those they had placed as leaders over them. I believe at a point they also demanded accountability from their leaders. But for whatever reason, I have woken up to a generation of people who are blinded by loyalty to their stomachs that they demand nothing but handouts from those in power. And it is this lack of accountability that allows a leader of a powerful State donate ‘Generators’ instead of set up solar panels that can generate electricity to power his state. Of course, there will never be electricity because the guy who imports generators into the country gives a cut to some guy in power, or is probably in power himself. The loyalty code will never allow this business die. So the average man must suffer for the swelling of his bank account. Though these are my assumptions, but I bet you that the truth wouldn’t be very far from it.

It is the lack of accountability that allows a President remain out of his country due to health reasons for such a long time and his citizens know nothing of his whereabouts and he thinks he owes them no explanation. The same lack of accountability is why he’s even flown out of the country to be treated because no hospitals in his country is equipped enough to attend to him.

It is the lack of accountability that allows the average man on the street to starve while those ‘representing’ him in the House go home to king size beds and a fat stomach full of ‘hard-earned’ millions. And when this representative is at work, he is busy debating on his representative seat in his sleep whether his next holiday destination will be Tokyo or Bali. He only wakes up to shout ‘Nay’ or ‘Aye’ to the bill that is about to be passed, a bill he knows nothing about.

(Inserts a picture of one of them sleeping, but on second thought, takes it down)

I’m sitting on my highchair in judgement, far away from these happenings I describe. So judge me. But where I sit, I see a system where people are held accountable for their actions, especially when it affects the greater good of the greater population. So forgive me for recommending the same to be implemented where you are, I’m just looking out for you . . . you’re welcome. Where you are, no one resigns when he is caught stealing. In fact, he is promoted to the next level to steal more. Those who are prosecuted by an external system are returned to be celebrated as ‘our thief, not yours‘.

Women are dying daily from childbirth and loosing their babies in the process. Children are killed from the use of fake drugs. Fathers are murdered by quack doctors performing unnecessary operations to collect money. And when you don’t have the money, your best bet is to use what you have to pay for your funeral, because no hospital will attend to you anyway.

Some Religious leaders are the anointed that cannot be touched, so they use their immunity to deceive men and women into surrendering their money. Yes, religion is big business. On the street where my dad built his house, I cannot tell you how many churches lie within it. A street of only a few meters. Yet the message that is supposed to be life-giving is being transformed into a ‘business manifesto on how to get more members to give offerings‘.

Universities are dead. Nothing new comes out from them. The places that are to be citadels of knowledge have become factories churning out photocopies of archaic ideas. It is easy to walk by a ‘graduate‘ who cannot spell ‘University’, very easy. Lecturers are paid for grades, cash or kind, pick your mode of payment. And those who actually bend their heads to study are stigmatised and branded as ‘over-sabi‘ or ‘I-too-know‘ as the case may be. The great minds are being exported and rebranded, and the best we can do is ‘claim’ them when news comes through the internet of how successful they are in one field or the other . . . claim them, when they might deny association with us. The only time they will be mentioned as our associates is when they have done something wrong. Of course, who loves bad company?

In a country where there are little to no natural disasters, we have created for ourselves human disasters that take more lives than any natural disaster would and no one is held accountable for it.


What will happen if you decide to throw away your blind allegiance and demand accountability from that Local Government Chairman? Yes, start from there. Don’t you realise that he is sitting on your development?

The Face of Accountability: DUBAI

Don’t you realise that the reason your children have died is because you have not demanded that standard hospitals be built in your community? Yes, they are not interested in building one because they would rather you die . . . but do you think you are not worth a chance at life?

You do not know, but that teacher that refused to teach or cover the syllabus is denying you your right to knowledge. Hold him accountable. So many times, because of money, the lecturers have gone on strike, but how many times have you, the student, gone on a strike because you’re not getting from them what they are paid to do?

A School. Yes, a school!

How about holding yourself accountable, that you will not sell that counterfeit drugs for extra cash because someone might die from taking it. The governing body that should regulate your product might want a bribe to push you ahead. Do you realise that their carelessness will cost millions of lives? Are you willing to live with that for some extra cash in your pocket?

Counterfeit Drugs

Forget he is your brother. If he stole, he is a thief and should held accountable. The money he stole is yours, remember. If he had his way, he will give you none of it, don’t let him lie to you that it’s his portion of the national cake . . . you are the Nation: YOU SHOULD BE EATING THAT CAKE!

And you, about to take that bribe to help cut corners: the next time that storey building comes crashing down and lives are lost because of your shoddy job, may you be held accountable by your conscience. But if your conscience is dead, may someone higher hold you accountable . . . and never let go till you are brought to book for your crimes against humanity.

Gas explosion in Accra

Very recently, in a country I hold dear to my heart, an unaccounted number of people lost their lives to a gas explosion because of the carelessness of others, and I wonder if anyone will be held accountable for it.

Someone please hold someone accountable.



12 thoughts on “The Problem Generator – The ‘Generator’ Problem

  1. The number of people talking are getting tired because of the level of wickedness the people who should be accountable have reached. But we will continue to not only talk but stand our ground. More importantly we should match our words with action.

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  2. Well said! It is a disheartening situation. I only wonder if our country can ever change, if there’s an answer to the problem, and what that answer is.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Hmmm…
    Well written Tosin.
    There’s an army rising forth, and I believe you are one of us! My fear, I pray this plague of unaccountability doesn’t affect us before we get on stage!
    Generators for the police? This is a catastrophe!

    Liked by 1 person

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