Grow Up!

Growing up is hard, but grow up you must, and so must I.

It’s good to grow up.

Growing up sometimes comes with the awareness that you’re not perfect, and you are not always right, and your opinion may not always be the one at the top, and maybe you’re actually the vilian in someone’s bedtime story.

Growing up comes with the awareness that the world does not revolve around you, but you have your world to revolve in. It blesses you with the revelation of your frailty, that if you jump from that height, you’re most likely going to break something.

Photo by Alex wong

Growing up allows you the joys of accepting your ignorance without shame, it gives you the opportunity to seek wisdom without fear, and for the most part of the journey, you keep growing if you never stop learning.

Growing up demands from you the ability to say ‘please’, ‘thank you’ and ‘excuse me’ without being cajoled to do so. It means that when your milk spills, you grab a cloth, get on your knees and wipe it clean: feel free to shed a tear or two.

Photo by Jeremy Wong

Growing up gradually diminishes your desire to hold a grudge. You don your ‘old-mama‘ glasses with pride for with them you see everyone as the same, and without them you see nothing at all. Your heart is open to love, and love is your compelling force.

Growing up wipes your age away, for age is nothing but numbers written on the sands of time, right next to the sea of experience; with every wave that washes to the shore, you can either be less your age or more.

Photo by Ivan Sanford

Growing up frees you from your blind allegiance to anyone but Truth. Your loyalty is given to only those who are accountable to it, not to the one with the bargaining chip. Integrity is your watchword whether it’s the custom or not, damning all the consequences.

Growing up is hard, but grow up you must, and so must I. So many have remained ‘Terrible-Twos” and our world is yet to recover from their tantrums. So nudge your neighbour and say with a smile, “Let’s grow up together, the world is in need of more adults today!”

So yeah, it’s good to grow up, and grow up we will!

2 thoughts on “Grow Up!

  1. ‘your heart is open to love and love is your compelling force’ this resonates so well with me. I laughed hard at the part where you said ‘the joys of accepting your ignorance without shame’ because when i openly declare my ignorance in certain areas to some people they are shocked at my honesty and that is a ‘growing up’ thing to do but the world is sadly not ready for brutal honesty on accepting your ignorance without shame.

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