Questioning Reality

Our wisdom has begun to question everything that has ever existed with time as we continue to challenge ourselves to greater levels of ignorance and nonsenseness.

Happy New Year Folks!

Or is it?

Why do we place demarcations between days to create weeks, months and years? I think it’s offensive. Offensive to Day. I don’t believe it asked to be separated. Did anyone ever ask Day what it really wants? If it wants to be made up of two days and two nights, or three days and a night? We just went ahead and stereotyped, and labelled, and classified. We aren’t sure if Day prefers to call itself Night and vice versa. But here we are, forcing the label of ‘day‘ on Day and ‘night‘ on Night, without first considering how they feel about it. Day must seriously be offended that almost everyone gets up once it breaks and runs around the world like headless chickens disturbing its peaceful existence. Why don’t we do the same to Night? I’m pretty sure Day would love the peace and quiet Night experiences every once in a while.

We are being offensive.

We need to be more tolerant.


When I was born, I was born into certain realities of life. You know, things that just were. My dad was my dad and my mum was just my mum, and my brothers were, you know, just them, and I was one of the boys. As a girl born in the midst of three boys, I had a fairly decent girlish experience. I don’t remember owning any dolls or teddy bears, I can’t recall wearing only pink and I certainly didn’t host any tea parties. But I wore dresses and shoes with heels, although when I got home, I was quick to swap them out for shorts and t-shirts. Yes, I was the typical tomboy.

For a girl, I had more fractured bones than usual. In fact, I was the only one amongst my siblings whoever had a fracture. I fractured my hip bone, dislocated my elbow and marked myself with scars from head to toe, apart from the very obvious one on my face that was graciously bestowed on me by my second brother. It was a hard knock life. But I enjoyed every bit of it, and never at any time was I encouraged to question my identity. There was never a time I question my gender. Never did I ever doubt that I AM a GIRL! I didn’t need to be taught in school that I was different from my brothers. I saw it. It was real. Our features were different, and that was how we were born. The only thing that came as enlightenment was the fact that my gender was determined by my DNA. Science taught me that, and I trusted Science just enough to believe it, after all, it was PROVEN . . .

. . . or so I thought!

Whoever came up with the word HUMAN? What was he or she thinking? What in the world makes us think we deserve to be the ones called Human, and not the animals, or aliens? Yes. Aliens. They must be offended that we have labelled them that.

So we are descendants of monkeys. How offended the ones we left behind must feel, that we still call them monkeys and somehow we have become superior. We have conveniently labelled ourselves as the highest chain of command. How offensive.

PLANET OF THE APES (2001) Tim Roth (L) and Mark Wahlberg

Your jacket is Green. Really? Suddenly green isn’t feeling very greenish today, so it wants to be called Grey, and it is offended that you have not considered its feelings and you still walked to the green section of the aisle to find a second one to buy.

Grey section? Check on aisle 5. But Grey has blushed and it feels it’s Red and you probably wouldn’t recognise it if you saw it. So what’s the use? Colours must find it very offensive that we have labelled them irrespective of their feelings.


Why isn’t a frown called a smile and a smile a frown? Why do we cry when we are sad and laugh when we are happy? Why do we feel pain when we are hurt and relief when the pain is gone? Why isn’t pain relief and relief pain?



“Congratulations! It’s a girl.”

My heart skipped a beat as I held my breath when the surgeon lifted my daughter and brought her towards me. She is beautiful. I had thought the baby in my womb was a boy. Throughout the pregnancy, my love for football had unusually spiked and Boo of life was enjoying every bit of it. I said yes to eba and soup and could eat it every day; something I would never do when I wasn’t pregnant. For sure, I was having a boy. Until she showed up.

With my son, I had a completely different experience. When it happened, I wasn’t sure what sex the child would be but I knew I was certainly having one. There were times people would say things like ‘that’s how boys are‘, but I never believed my experiences were determined by the sex of the child I was having. I had different experiences with both of them just because they were different children. Had they been the same sex, my experiences would still have differed. And when the doctor said “Congratulations, it’s a boy”, my heart still skipped the same amount of beats it did as the first time.


As I watch both children grow, I consider the world they are now growing in. The world that has suddenly begun to question reality. The world that now seeks to strip from my children their identity and feed them with a load of crap and confusion. A world where they are going to be taught in schools that they are neither girl nor boy and can be either. A world that now forces me to accept people for who they say they are when they have not first accepted themselves. The world that has become blind to reality and possesses an unbalanced sense of judgement; for a white person who says she’s black must be crazy, but the man who suddenly realises he is a woman is celebrated as being brave. A toddler who just completed the complicated task of getting potty trained suddenly has the easy option of deciding whether to be male or female.

We have become so wise that our wisdom has become foolishness. Our quest to question everything that has ever existed with time has overtaken our ability to embrace common sense as we continue to challenge ourselves to greater levels of ignorance and nonsenses. Unfortunately, this present foolishness is only the Big Bang that has initiated the evolution of greater foolishness to come.

Refusing to know God, they soon didn’t know how to be human either— Romans 1:26 (MSG)

Science, that once sort to explain everything has now settled for explaining away anything. Our desire to be politically correct, whatever that implies, has caused us to deny ourselves the freedom to be right or wrong. We have allowed something as fleeting as feelings alter the very fibre of reality. And too lazy to address these feelings, we have settled for living in denial. Life, that used to be as simple as ABC has become more complicated than rocket science. In our bid to remove labels, we have created more of them, much more than the human mind can appreciate and comprehend. Our desire to be more inclusive has caused more exclusion, and soon we would not be able to handle the extent of exclusivity of everything in this world.

Why wouldn’t we let reality be?

So I have questioned our separation of day and night. I have challenged our superiority over other living things. I have called for the rights of colours to be called what they prefer. All these seem quite absurd to you, and yes they are, at this point. But at the rate with which we are heading down the slope of absurdities, it wouldn’t be long before these things would be just another norm, and nothing in this world would make sense anymore.

But of course, what the heck is sense anyway?



13 thoughts on “Questioning Reality

  1. This is very well written. This line especially “In our bid to remove labels, we have created more of them, much more than the human mind can appreciate and comprehend.” Thought provoking. Well done.

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  2. Great writing as always.! We’re in the Information Age and yet there’s so much confusion… ‘ignorance’ could very well be bliss in today’s world. All is surely in God’s hand as there really is nothing new under the sun.


  3. Alethea’s mind full of wisdom. God help our youths and children outta this kinda ignorance embraced outta same ignorance. Thank you for this


  4. Love the sound arguments. The real reason behind why society is headed this way of self-destruction is the unbridled attack on language and the confusion that has ensued as a result. Great minds of old had long predicted this. C.S. Lewis’ Men Without Chest is one of many. Happy new year!

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    1. Happy new year bro. Even though these things have been spoken off from time, it comes to many as news; surely information is getting lost somewhere along the line. But we will keep trying to raise the questions that enlighten. Get minds thinking.

      By the way, I’ve missed you bro.


  5. Truth is stranger than fiction. It really is… while this world slumbers to a hypnotic lullaby, they find it foolish that a book claims that there is a Supreme Being, that He made everything and that He revealed Himself as a burning bush, He came in the flesh born of a virgin, did miracles man could not explain other than there being a God… and died for our sins and resurrected.

    But a Big Bang, millions and trillions of years of natural trial and error finally gave way to microscopic life that finally became monkeys, after millions and trillions more years….. finally a human came to be… now we deny race and gender…

    Ironic isn’t it?

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