Of Chicken, Germs and God

Before people could see things on a microscopic level, I wonder what they must have thought about the existence of germs. If we can’t see them with our eyes then are they really there?

Don't wash chicken full imageSo very recently, I read about how supposedly dangerous it is to wash uncooked chicken in my kitchen sink. That splashing water from washing chicken under a tap can spread the campylobacter bacteria on to my hands, work surfaces, clothing, and other cooking equipment. Basically, I’m to throw my unwashed but properly seasoned chicken in the pot and cook the bacteria dead instead.

What a wow!

My mother must be scratching her head right now thinking about all the chicken she has washed and cooked in her lifetime . . . and I’m doing the same. What baffles me the most is that of all the times in the past when I graciously washed my uncooked chicken, I do not remember any moment when I was poisoned by Mr. Campy. So what happened? Was he so baffled by my ignorance of his presence that he just decided to ignore me for pity’s sake? And now that I have heard about him, is my immunity to his poisonous powers depleted? Or is the truth about Mr. Campy unbelievable because of the fact that I was never poisoned after washing my uncooked chicken? Wait . . . does he even exist?


Before people could see things on a microscopic level, I wonder what they must have thought about the existence of germs. If we can’t see them with our eyes then are they really there? Or are they made up stories to scare us into washing our hands after using the toilet, or stop us kids from drinking from that very tempting muddy puddle? If I will be brutally honest, there are times when I have called the bluff of those pesky germs and gone ahead to do whatever I liked even though science must have warned me otherwise. I go about my day outside and come home, head straight to the kitchen, peel a banana and chuck the whole thing in my mouth without even thinking to wash my hands. Oh hunger! And since I read about the chicken-washing saga, I have tried hard to throw my chicken in the pot, but have failed many times, because habit won’t let me be great. Reminds me of the Dettol wipes advert I saw on TV, where a woman wiping her kitchen countertop with a napkin was likened to her wiping the countertop with raw chicken; the lengths they’ll go to sell products these days. But without over-flogging the issue, did our lack of sight ever stop us from believing in the germs that we couldn’t see? And if it did at one point, we couldn’t deny them anymore after the invention of microscopes. It gave us the rare privilege of seeing things our natural eyes have no resolution for. So we have no excuse. I see you, germs.


i see you

Many times, the existence of God has come into question. And rightly so. Why would you believe in anything when you cannot see it with your eyes? There were galaxies so far away we never knew existed, stars so large but too far away to see. Then the telescope, just like the microscope, brought these big galaxies and large stars right before our very eyes, and we believe, because we have seen. So how about God? What on earth could we possibly use to see Him to back the belief of His existence?

43011329 - a focus on genesis 1v1, that god created.

There He is!

Right there.

The Bible and the inspired words within it has revealed the greatest truth of all time, and I cannot put it any other way: The Bible is the revelation of God himself to man.  Within the pages of this life-changing book lie the keys that unlock our hearts to His reality. From every page we read, our eyes are opened and we see truth, that IN THE BEGINNING, GOD!

There He is!

Right there.

The entire universe is such an expression of its Creator. The rising and the setting sun; the seasons and how one gives way for the other; the deep coral reefs and the highest mountain tops. The breath of life in a man that is his soul, the soul that man can never duplicate, no matter how much he tries. The pure untainted love that radiates from the eyes of children that can only have one source: GOD . . . IS LOVE! 


There He is!

Right there.

The exemplary lives of people of faith that point to the fact that when He steps in, He makes all things new. People who through their words and their actions have turned the world around for good, by Him, and through Him. People like Billy Graham, who now rests in his pearly home with the God he loved and lived for. People like me, who experienced a complete overhaul and transformation when through the eyes of faith, I saw His light piercing into my darkness, and I felt His hands lift me from the muddy puddle which was my life, and now, here I am, shining for Him, through Him, who is MY LIGHT . . . MY GOD!

There He is!

Right there.

Revealed as the very expression of God Himself: JESUS. Who history cannot deny, religion cannot drown, politics cannot erase and the grave could not hold back. Who science has verified, for whom the law has stepped aside, and by whom all prophecy is completely fulfilled. Jesus who is God and the Son, and whose Spirit is one with Him: the greatest expression of UNITY, all together reaching down to save humanity . . . THE SPIRIT, THE WORD, GOD!

There He is!

Right there.

And the sad part of this is, like things microscopic and the galaxies far far away, just because, as it seems, with our eyes we don’t see Him, doesn’t mean He’s not there. And our continual and resistant refusal to accept Him does nothing to diminish His Presence. He is here. He is real. Just like the air we breath. So like the microscope and telescope, I share with you my FAITH-O-SCOPE.

Step aside.

Take a look.

There He is!

Right there.

Calling you.

“Come to me, all of you who are weary and carry heavy burdens, and I will give you rest.

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