Why I Write

When I started this blog, I knew that only two thing really mattered

Why do you do what you do?

I have a friend who started a prayer line on Facebook. I remember when she first got the inkling to start it and how she felt quite overwhelmed by it. You see, the thing about listening to the problems of others in the bid to pray for them is that there is a very high possibility that people might share very sensitive things with you. Other issues they share might be too heavy for the ears and heart. And somehow they trust you with these fragile moments of their lives, hoping that when you knock on the doors of heaven on their behalf, somehow, those doors would open for you, even when it might not have moved for them.  That’s a very heavy responsibility. I didn’t envy her at all, and maybe I was secretly on the lookout for how long she would keep up with it.

Today, that prayer line is a year old, with many positive testimonies. Every time she calls me to share good news about someone she had been praying for, I hear the excitement in her voice and feel the enthusiasm and drive to keep on praying.

I have another friend who runs a charity organisation that caters for needy children and widows. From the first day I listened to her share about her passion for what she does, I couldn’t help but wonder what drives her. Recently, she has become quite consumed with the desire to manufacture affordable washable sanitary towels for those who are so impoverished and cannot afford the luxury of disposable ones. I listened to her talk about her research and the stories surrounding the people she hopes to help. I listened to her method and how it involves empowering women who otherwise would have nothing to do, by training them to be the tailors she would employ, giving them a skill and a source of income as they in turn produce the commodity that would be given to those who cannot afford it.

I have watched as within a week she has sourced for the materials she would need for the prototype, and considering the amount of times she has called me within the week to help with some decision making, I know it’s just a matter of time and we’ll be launching the product. I guess why she intrigues me so much is how with every moment I spend around her, I feel like she’s a living breathing mechanism of her passion.

So why do you do what you do?

I remember when Alethea’s Mind came online. I was full of so much fire, there was never a thought of burning out. But it wasn’t long before I began to feel the strain. It first started with issue of when to actually put up a post. When I started, I decided to write every Sunday, and soon it became Mondays, and then Tuesdays and before I knew it I was skipping some weeks. I felt a bit discouraged that things weren’t going according to plan, but I pushed on. Then the second issue of what post to actually put up raised it’s head. You see, I believe this site isn’t just your regular blog. I know deep down that I was inspired by my Father in Heaven to start it, because He has so many things to say through me. So I knew I had to listen to Him at every point to know exactly what I was going to write about each week. But then there were those times when I became torn between a topic or two, or when I felt something trending needed to be addressed. In all, I knew I had to stay obedient to the call. The final push that tried to shove me to the floor was when I realised that there was something called STATS. Oh boy! So I really could tell how many people had read my posts and even what country they read it from. It was fun to see that someone in Guyana had read something I had written. I didn’t even know there was a country like that. So sometimes I would click on my Stats page to see who had read what only to find out I had been totally ignored. There were no tears for such moments, the tears were too scared to flow for fear that they’ll also be ignored.

One of those days when I was in such a state, I got a call from my Prayer line friend and she started to share with me how she woke up that morning with such a burden in her heart and a feeling of discouragement. But before the day had passed the first trimester, she received a message from someone she had been praying for about how the situation had turned around for good. This news so lifted her spirit that she felt the urge to keep praying, no matter how it seemed the answers only came in trickles.


Like a baseball bat to my head, I was jolted right out of my pit of despondency, and this is the reason why:

When I started this blog, I knew that only two thing really mattered: That I write about the things I’m led to; and it only takes ONE reader whose heart or life is transformed by it for me to know that I have succeeded.

So far, with every post, I have received messages from either random people or those I might know that something I wrote changed the way they view a certain ideology or that they have been lifted by my post. My stats may not show that a million people have read it, and it doesn’t have to, because that’s not what this is about. I don’t have to be the best blogger or the trending one, I just have to stay obedient to the call. And for a life that is bettered by something I have been inspired to write, I will keep at it, till every little post like a drop of rain becomes a refreshing river flowing into lives, enriching souls.

This is why I write.

Why do you do what you do?


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