News Flash: We’re Expanding!!!

Going forward, I’ll be putting up, asides my Inspired Posts, some random pieces to bless your heart . . .

Hi guys.

Most of you have already noticed the last few posts I put out over the past few days (Sky and Sea Tales). These are some of the things I wrote in the past that I know you would enjoy reading, and I’m grateful to share them with you. Unfortunately, we have found ourselves in desperate times when there are just so many things out there that try to discourage us and make us wonder where all the good has gone in this world. So I want to put out things that would lift a spirit or put a smile on someone’s face. Going forward, I’ll be putting up, asides my Inspired Posts, some random pieces to bless your heart, one way or the other. And if you’ve enjoyed Sky and Sea Tales so far, then I’ve got even better news for you.


I love to write, as many of you already know. But I’m not sure how many people know that I married a gifted Soul. Amongst his many talents, Boo of life loves to paint, and he’s pretty good at it. There are days when I stare at one of his blank canvases wondering what it’ll eventually become, it’s amazing. And no matter how creative I think I am, I’m pretty sure the best I could probably create if he gave me a canvas and his brush would be . . . never mind. It’s a gift I admire and I pray he gets better at it. So I thought it would be nice if I shared some of his works that inspired me to write. It’ll be like teamwork, and I’m very excited about it. It’ll give the world a chance to be blessed by his gifts too.

So yaaaaaay, we’re expanding Alethea’s Mind, opening doors to greater possibilities, and I’m looking forward to enjoying every bit of this ride, just to make the world a little better than it already is.

Join the ride!

I don’t think he’s finished, but that’s what he was painting in the picture above. Looking forward to sharing some more.

Upcoming post on Teamwork: Life’s Canvas

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