Sky and Sea Tales #4

Spotting the very bold rainbow in the horizon wasn’t all there was to it . . .

My view from the helideck. I’ll give anything to see this sight again . . .

It’s amazing the love God has for us!

In the little things we deem most unnecessary, He expresses the depth of that love so real, leaving a smile on our face that’s not plastic, but one that’s characteristic of the rivers of living water He promised will flow from within us when He’s indwelling.

Getting up for my shift on this evening was a tough one. I really didn’t feel like it. Overwhelmed by the pressures of the job and the difficulties we had been facing, I would have given anything to be on the next chopper home. But I dragged myself out of bed, grabbed something to eat and made my way out, and the moment I got out on the deck, God gave me a reason to want to be up, a grand reason to want to be alive. Spotting the very bold rainbow in the horizon wasn’t all there was to it, as much as I knew it was there just for me. But after my picture taking session on the helideck with my million dollar smile on my face, it was the manner with which the rainbow disappeared split-second, like it was never there, that left me awestruck, confirming to me that God, at that moment, painted the skies just for me, to put a smile on my face.

The other end of the rainbow as it began to fade away. It’s not every time you see both ends at the same time in one glance . . . but I did.

In one glimpse, I had a beautiful array of colors draping the sky and a beautiful sunset right behind; I would have missed it if I kept my grumpy face looking down when I walked out of the accommodation. But I’m grateful, that like Zacchaeus, I took a step away from routine and climbed my sycamore tree to spot something extraordinary, and there was my Lord, right there, looking up at me . . . or down, in my case . . .

. . . and thank God for panorama!

Oh Panorama . . . you tell the story well.

I enjoyed my time working offshore, as you can tell. Even though this was 5 years ago, it’ll be etched in my memory forever. I think Malaysia did me well, compared to every other offshore location I worked. Thank you, Sabah. Thank you, Malaysia. Sky and Sea Tales will continue.

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