Sky and Sea Tales #5

But my Lord is not limited to my mind, so . . .

30/08/2013 . . . One of those days when the see was smooth like silk, and I had a good view from my cabin beside the helideck. This view inspired me to write the piece I share with you today . . .

It would have been easier for him to walk on the sea the day it was calm and serene, when the waves were still and soft as silk; the day all the peace in the world gathered to support such daring deed.

It would have been easier for him to feed five thousand men sitting in the fields, if they came strictly by invitation. They’ll all eat to the tummy’s fill and leave behind fifty exhausted waiters that served them just for him.

It would have been easier for him to bring a dead man back to life after his Ph.D at Harvard Medical was complete; with a theatre full of the best surgeons and the right amount of current drawn from his defibrillator.

It would have been easier to preach the sermon on the mount after obtaining his theological degree at the Billy Graham School of Missions. His lessons in Eloquence and Old Testament Exegesis would come in handy for up-and-coming televangelists and readers of his best sellers.

For sure it would have been easier for my Lord to do all these things with the right qualifications and ideal circumstances, and it’ll all make sense to me. They would have been easier for me to accept if they happened in the way my little mind could conceive, with my expectations of what I deem possible.

But my Lord is not limited to my mind, so . . .

He walked on the sea when there was a storm;

He fed five thousand men with five loaves and two fish;

He raised the dead with just the words of his mouth;

He preached the most powerful sermons without a degree to his name!

So ask me again, “Is there anything too hard for Jesus?”

2013 was a year of the sea for me, and I enjoyed every bit of it. The things I saw while out there pointed greatly to the Creator God and His eternal love for me. These are the times I will never forget, so I share them with you. Sky and Sea Tales continue . . . 

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