Tales of the Familiar: A Sky and Sea Tale (#6)

. . . and to think I would have missed such a moment of mind-blowing transformation if I had not stopped to take a peek that evening.

Hey guys.

I’ve been in ‘writing-transit’ for a while and that’s why I’ve been unavoidably silent. Now I’m back, and it feels really good.

And there’s no better way to return than with a piece from myΒ Sky and Sea Tales, but this time there’s no sea in it, just the magnificence of the sky, and I have an amazing backstory to tell. Enjoy the read.

When I moved to Kuala Lumpur, I had the most amazing view from my 11th-floor apartment: the full view of the Petronas Twin Towers and its surroundings. I remember when I first got the keys and walked into the living room . . .



The curtains were open to the view and I was awestruck.

klcc day
View from my balcony 😍😍😍

Standing in front of this view, I began to remember when I was much younger, watching the ‘Malaysia Truly Asia’Β ad on CNN and seeing the edifice, I knew I had to visit, somehow. I remembered wishing that my dad would be transferred to Malaysia just so we could live close to the building. I remembered watching the movieΒ Entrapment . . . all those memories flooded my mind as I looked out of the huge glass doors that framed the view, many years later, and I knew God had answered my prayers, even when I really never got down on my knees to pray. The little things my heart desires that my Father brings my way though I might have forgotten about my desires for them. I felt loved. Very loved.

My favourite moments of the view were during seasonal holidays and each new year. The horizon lights up with colours like a canvas of lights, and if I’m lucky, I’ll catch the fireworks as they light up the skies.

One of those colourful nights

But as time went by and I walked into my apartment each day after another, I began to take less notice of The View. There were even moments I would walk in and head straight to the curtains to draw them shut. I had lost the wonder I had when I first arrived, reserving them for special occasions. I became quite familiar with the view that it didn’t mean much anymore.

But one day, I peeked and noticed something I hope I’ll never forget for the rest of my life.

Looking out from my glass doors, I noticed the sky over the twin towers was different than what I had seen before. The clouds had gathered like in spiral motion and the colours were just beautiful. So opened the doors, stepped out, reached for my phone and took a picture. I clicked on the picture I had just taken to assess the quality, only to look up again at my view and I was standing before something completely different from the picture I had just taken.





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In a few seconds, the colours of the clouds and the sky completely transformed. I hadn’t gotten over the first view and here I was struck by a second . . . and to think I would have missed such a moment of mind-blowing transformation if I had not stopped to take a peek that evening. Only God knows how many other spectacular displays I had missed because I had become too familiar with the view from my balcony.

As I think on this experience, my mind can only relate it to my relationship with God and His word. There are times when I have walked past the magnificence of His wondrous power because I felt I was in familiar territory and there was not much to see. I have read my bible from cover to cover and feel like I have a good knowledge of its content, so when asked to open to a verse I know, I shrug my shoulders and probably quote it from memory, only to have missed something new that I might have gleaned from opening it again and taking another look.

Are you like that too?

Have you come to a point where you feel quite familiar with Scripture that you don’t see the need to look again? Are you in a place where you feel you can predict the Almighty that you, in careless presumption, take a step away from Him, only to realise that it was one step too many?

How about our view of others?

Are we in a place in our relationships where familiarity has bred so much contempt that we have forgotten what it means to enjoy life with each other? Have we lost the wonder in appreciating the little things about ourselves that make us who we are, even when there’s no rainbow over our heads . . . on no special occasion?

Photo by Gus Moretta

And your view of yourself . . .

Has the drudgery of life bitten off from you the ability to look at yourself and think you’re worth a second look? Have you allowed what you think you know about yourself deny you the wonders of exploring the other facets of you that you might never discover if you close your curtain? Or have you let others decide that there’s no wonder left in you, and you have believed them?

Don’t be like me . . . you’re better than that!

Open that scripture . . . read that verse again, there’s always something new to be revealed when His Spirit is within.

Reserve that table . . . book that UBER ride; there’s more laughter to enjoy when you’re out with the ones you love.

Wear that dress . . . twirl in front of the mirror: you’re even more beautiful than you were yesterday and the years before: and there’s more inside of you!

Don’t walk past the wonder that’s right before you . . . DON’T. LET. IT. DIE!

God, my #CreatorArtist, painted the skies to teach me this lesson . . . and I’m happy to share it with you.

Pop-quiz: Can you guess which colour the sky was when I took the first picture? Blue or Orange? You can leave your answers in the comment section below.

Thanks for reading and I hope you learned a thing or two.

God bless.

24 thoughts on “Tales of the Familiar: A Sky and Sea Tale (#6)

  1. Living in Arizona gives me such a “view” of GOD’S glory. The desert color here is amazing (you wouldn’t think) and the sunsets are beyond words. Often I can sit in my family room and look out our back sliding windows and often my jaw drops. And usually I get up and outside to look west – there are no words! I agree, never take HIS wonder for granted……never take HIS words for granted either. Blessings friend.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Your view must be so amazing, one will think the dessert has nothing to offer . . . can it be compared to the sea views I’ve had? God in His awesome wonder created all these for His pleasure and we’re reaping in the enjoyment.

      Thanks for taking the time to read and leave a comment. Very thoughtful of you. You’re blessed.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I’m going with the orange being first because of your description of the clouds being spiral, and taking your phone outside to get a pic. The orange looks like you’re looking up into a large sky. The blue looks like looking out a window at more level view.
    A very touching post. Thank you for sharing it. You remind me of Psalm 37:4 ❀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I like the way you tried to analyse why you picked a certain colour. And you’re right, it was orange first as the sun was setting and when it disappeared the sky turned blue. God is just amazing in the way He lights up the skies to light up our lives. And that Psalm, yes!

      Liked by 1 person

  3. nice…it’s amazing how the bible always has the answer ri any question. Truly a manual for life. Even people who have read it each year for the past 30 always find new meanings to amaze them. God is truly a wonderful artist.
    I think the sky was orange…

    Liked by 1 person

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