Another Shadow Story

I heard a cry from the Queen and turned to her wondering what was going on.

It’s been a very busy time for me. Festival of Life is today: that says it all. But in the grand scheme of things, today is a very different day for me. Apart from all the running around in costumes carrying props, my heart is racing in another special way, and I’ll tell you why after I’m done with my story.

Story story . . . story!

Some time ago, we all went away on a special mission. During our time away, we had the opportunity to get in a pool as a family. Bumble-Bee didn’t seem fazed about it even though it was his first time, and Drama Queen was in high spirits. They had their floaters on and the water was as warm as the hot water from a faucet. I held the Queen while Boo of life managed the Bee; we were all going to have fun in spite of the heat. A few minutes into our wading, I heard a cry from the Queen and turned to her wondering what was going on. She pointed frantically into the water and started asking to be let out. I was shocked. She looked scared. The Bee was splashing more water in my face while Boo of life just looked on. But she kept crying and pointing to the water to the point where I was almost beside myself and asked why she was crying. The words that came out of her mouth were the most (insert whatever words) I’ve heard in a while.

“Mummy, there’s a shark!”



But she was adamant, pointing to the water and crying even more.

I looked towards the direction she was pointing and the only thing I could see in the water was a moving shadow. I traced it back to whatever was casting it and it turned out to be Bumble-Bee’s floater. My discovery made enough sense to me to accept that we were in no danger at all, so I tried to communicate the same to her but she was having none of it.

“It’s only the floater’s shadow, my dear”

(crying) Noooo . . . It’s a floater-shadow-shark!”


In the end, I carried her out of the pool to the side and she, with all the satisfaction in the world, remained there for the entire duration of our time in the pool, waving at us in the water every once in a while and asking if we are all alright. From her onlooker’s position, she blew us kisses shouting “Good job, mummy” “Good job, daddy” . . . her brother got some of the kisses too.

The End.

Shadows. Shadows. Shadows.

I would really love to share a moral from this story, but I’m still trying to get past the funny bits to think deep enough to come up with anything, even though I know it’s right at the surface staring at me. So here’s what we’ll do. Can you share with me what jumps at you from it? I’d really love to know if the story inspired any deep thoughts at all, or if I’m the only one imagining the needle in the haystack.

While you’re at it, please join me to wish Drama Queen a happy birthday. This Queen that brings so much laughter and love wherever she goes. This Queen that is so full of life and so full of joy. This Queen that knows to tell me this morning that her new ‘bike’ is not a ‘bike’ but a ‘bicycle’ (of course, how would I have ever known that?). This Queen that lights up the world around her. This Queen that is the reason my heart is racing in a very special way today: this Queen who is the reason for this post today.

I really don’t know where three years went, but girl, in the words of one of my favourite songwriters of all time, Nicole Noderman, if you will, please, slow down . . . let’s make it last a little while longer. (Click on the link, it’ll take you to the song . . . it makes me cry every time I listen to it)


12 thoughts on “Another Shadow Story

  1. Drama Queen is only living out her name. We make mountains out of nothing because we see differently than our heavenly father sees. But even then God doesn’t impose on us what He sees but works at understanding things from our view. Sometimes He plays along with us waiting for us to mature. Happy Birthday to our queen all the same.

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  2. Happy birthday sweet girl! The story reminds how the enemy works through the shadows of illusions. We can sometimes forget that God is in control when we focus on the shadows. We stop listening to the truth becoming distracted by the enemy. This then keep us from enjoying and living our lives to the fullest. I have a lot of shadow stories too I guess. We live in a world that likes to keep us in fear. Thanks for this!

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    1. Thanks Denine. I’ll pass your greetings to her. 💞

      I’ll love to hear some of your shadow stories. We really get distracted by the enemy when we stop listening to the truth, so true. Thanks for this enlightening comment sis.

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  3. Our lives is not controlled by our shadow because it’s behind. Therefore we need to learn to look forward for it brings hope while we know that God gives better tomorrow. Happy birthday to the queen that brought me to a new status of GRANDMA.

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  4. Awww Happy birthday to the Queen!

    Lol her story reminds me of that viral video of a toddler who was scared to bits of her shadow and kept running jn circles to avoid it.

    You know if we are facing forward or focused on something ahead with accomplishing a goal jn sight we wouldn’t notice the shadows lurking…. And soon enough the weather will change and the shadow disappear.

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  5. Happy birthday again to my favourite 3 year old!

    This reminds me of all the times that I have allowed fear and worry magnify little challenges and turn them into monsters. Sometimes, I get out of the pool (back out of the situation) and run. Other times, I take a deep breath (pray) and swim towards the shadow. It’s amazing that every time I swim towards the shadow, I get there and think ‘Oh? This was what I was scared of? This was what I was worrying about?’

    God will never leave His child stranded/alone to face “shadows”. That is a continuous lesson for me.


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