It’s such a pity that we have sacrificed encouraging ourselves with Truth, with the desire to be somewhat acknowledged . . .

Sometimes, you go through certain things in your life, maybe good or bad, or just some depressing time and all you feel like doing is pour out your heart in the only place you feel your words will matter: Social Media.

It’s very tempting, you know, when all your desires are drawn to a place where maybe someone might understand, expressing their understanding by ‘liking’ your post or typing an ‘amen’ to your prayer, even if it’s just one person. You catch yourself refreshing your page over and over again, just in case in the passing seconds, you made another disciple of your sentiments or social façade.

For reasons best known by the agenda of our constant Social Network gatherings and ‘No-Invites-Pity-Parties’, we have told ourselves that to go to God in prayer, we must first acknowledge His presence on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, because He, for obvious reasons, looks at His News Feed first before He attends to phone calls from low-cost landlines, especially those beside every bedside.

Apparently, everyone must know that God is our all in all, so we chat about Him, write about Him and copy stuff about Him for our ‘Holy-Facebook-Wall’; that’s where we spend our 24/7 anyway, which means we live for Him: watch my life, watch this space, watch my page!

“I think I feel I hear God saying this: ‘What is that need you have? What is that challenge? God says He has done it for you, type amen and you shall receive it’.”

. . . Okay, I know I didn’t hear Him say that. I was actually playing Candy Crush but felt like putting up a post on my wall; it’s been 5 minutes since my last one and I barely got any response. But I didn’t lie. After all, it’s in the Bible, or so my pastor says.

(Refresh: 1 Like, 2 Comments . . . So far so good)

God has His iPod in His ears, blasting the latest release of Angel Melodies as He reads our prayers, with His ‘World Abbreviations Dictionary’ coming in handy every once in a while, to translate stuff like IJN and LLNP. He has forgotten what our voices sound like, and the only handwriting He now reads is ‘Times New Roman’.


It’s such a pity that we have sacrificed encouraging ourselves with Truth, with the desire to be somewhat acknowledged, so we make up stories and tell blatant lies in the name of satire and wrap ourselves tightly in a web of deceit: one that leaves us addicted to popularity. We have become invisible and the only things that see us are dim lights and flat screens.

Well, it’s the jet age, I can’t imagine the world without Social Media anymore. I wonder how we ever existed without it! How would we have prayed, preached, shared, testified, bragged, cursed, expressed love, gossiped, cried, laughed, raged and celebrated without it?

Or . . . ?

O let someone get on their knees in prayer and let God be the only audience. Open your mouth and let Him hear your voice. Let Him feel your presence . . . feel His too.


Photo by Naassom Azevedo 


Let someone spend uninterrupted time with their loved ones and save that Facebook dedication for some other time: Love is spelt T.I.M.E. and time waits for no one at all.

Let someone feed on the Word of God till the nourishment beautifies their lives, and out of a heart that is filled shall flow rivers of living water; waters that will quench thirsty hearts.

O let someone live life without the fear of being rejected. Your social media acceptance is as fickle as footsteps on a seashore. You’ve been accepted through the precious blood of Jesus: that is more than enough!

Let us live our lives like no one is watching but The Lord, to whom alone we are accountable.


But I’m only human, so I’ll refresh this post over and over again, blessed are those who comment and like, as you do, something special will happen to you today . . . Or Not!




Feature Photo by rawpixel

11 thoughts on “Social-Media-Esteem

  1. Oh, this is good stuff. Something I fear we all fall victim to at one time or another. It’s actually been kind of cool not being able to have my phone in my hand at work.

    Kind of like the number game on our blogs. We worry about the views and likes when in fact what is important is the fact that we are doing what God wants us to and leave everything to him. That may be a future post…lol

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Haha haha haha
    I loved this!
    I used to be sitting pretty on a corner of this table. Thank God for the reset button.

    Seeing as I’ve liked and commented I’m waiting for that something special 😉

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I loved your “no invites pity party” lol. It can be extremely easy to get caught up in trying to keep up, especially when you have been blessed with mighty encouragers and do not want to miss out on encouraging them back! 😉 Like everything God gives us (including online platforms), it becomes yet another balancing tool with which He can use to work with us! One on One. You are not alone, dearest Tosin. Do what you need to do between you and He! I know He loves you and has complete faith in you!


    1. Hahahaha. My goodness, you made me laugh hard, of course, we do not want to miss out on encouraging them back, lol.

      Grace will enable us to balance it out, so these outlets will only be tools and not gods. Thanks for your encouragement, every time.

      Liked by 1 person

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