Lessons from a Big Baby #3

I have something extra to share today . . .

Hey everyone.

Welcome to the third session of Lessons from a Big Baby. I have had quite an emotional-rollercoaster day today, but in all, I’m grateful for the lessons I learn from every experience.

While going through Lesson 6’s comments on Facebook (the comments from 2009), I saw a bonus lesson tucked in there and I got so excited that I have something extra to share today. It’s always a blessing to be able to give more than we actually planned to. Isn’t God’s storehouse always filled with knowledge? Yes, it is!

So here’s the bonus lesson:

Lesson 6.5: Good counsel should never be withheld; the confession of its hoarding after the damage is done is like a knife through a friend’s back.

To help you understand the origin of this lesson, I’ll give you a backstory. After I shared Lesson 6 on my Facebook page in 2009, I received a comment from a friend that suggested that he was aware of how I sometimes felt out of place spiritually, especially in my speech, just like the lesson confessed, but he could never tell me, or he almost but never did. Knowing myself, I would have thought long and hard before ever replying to any comments online, so I did, and Lesson 6.5 was my reply to him. I guess I felt betrayed because I would expect someone I call a friend to be honest with me and always tell me the truth. But it’s hard, and at this point in my life, I really don’t blame him. There are times when you brace yourself to open up to someone you hold dear to tell them something you feel should be addressed and everything kind of backfires – you wish you never said anything. But I still believe that no matter what, it is our duty to remain wise counsels to each other as we sharpen ourselves towards maturity in Christ. We wouldn’t stand by and watch those we claim to love jump into a burning bush because we’re scared to tell them that it’s dangerous. And what’s the use of “I wanted to tell you” after they’re burned?


Now to our lessons for today.

Lesson 11: Wisdom can kill a man when he bottles it all up in his head and doesn’t apply it.

Is he truly wise he who does not apply his wisdom? I guess that’s the gist of this lesson. Wisdom can only bring its benefits when it’s applied. Imagine a lawyer standing in defence of an innocent man, having every idea in his head on how to crush his opponent and win the case, but on the day of the trial, stands before the judge and says nothing. That’s what happens when wisdom isn’t applied, and death only follows where life is withheld.

Lesson 12: I really don’t think money is enough reason to stress the human body to the point of breaking.

At the end of the day, what you have prioritized in life will determine if you will agree with this lesson or not. Almost 10 years after writing this, I still believe there’s truth in it. After all, who will spend the money when you’re broken, dead and gone from the earth? Nigerians will say, “Body no be firewood”!

Lesson 13: Have lunch with an old friend. It’s good to catch up on good old days!

We have so many times left good portions of ourselves behind, in our past, with those who we used to spend time with. So? Find that old friend you spent time cycling with and talk about those good days, maybe it’ll spur you to pick up your bicycle again. Spend some time to talk to that friend you read books with, or sang with, or prayed with. Use those moments to remind yourself that life and time lost on stealing all the good in you.

Lesson 14: It’s not emotionally and spiritually healthy to be isolated, the right relationships will enrich and balance you and give you a healthy perspective.

We often say that no man is an island. This is true, both physically and spiritually. For starters, you don’t have eyes at the back of your head, and even if you held a mirror to get a view of what’s behind you, you probably have obstructed your view of the front. But having someone else behind you gives you a great advantage, both to see what you can’t, and to strike what’s beyond your reach.

Lesson 15: Looks can be deceptive – get an extensive forehand knowledge before you judge.

Some days ago, I came across a video of someone who looked in all honestly like a woman, until he began to undress. He took off EVERYTHING! I mean EVERYTHING. Make-up, hair, lashes, breasts, hips and buttocks. We are in the generation of great deception, and we must pray hard for discernment or else we will be deceived on so many levels. This is certainly not the reason I wrote this lesson in 2009, but it needs no further explanation. Get knowledge, pray for discernment and always be alert: looks can be deceptive!


I’m particularly grateful for today’s lessons. They’re right on time for me. I’d also love to know which of them resonated more with you. Do spend some time to share in the comment section below. And thanks for taking the time to visit Alethea’s Mind today. Lessons from a Big Baby will continue.

If you missed the first two sessions in this series, you can find the links below:

14 thoughts on “Lessons from a Big Baby #3

  1. 6.5 and 14 are the ones that stuck out to me. I except my friends to tell the truth to me regardless if it hurts or not.

    I hate being alone and yet that is where I find myself most of the time. But the companionship of others brings such joy and spiritual bonding

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I agree with your pick. I think it’s the sign of friendship with a solid foundation.

      Stu, God knows the state of your heart and your desires too, and I pray that above all things, He’ll be a tangible presence around you . . . and soon . . . ☺️


  2. Lesson 11 is my favorite. I think of all the things the bible tells us like “you sins are forgiven” but do we apply it – – really believe it — really take His Word for it — I am talking to myself. : ) Great reminder! Thanks!

    Liked by 1 person

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