Lessons from a Big Baby #4

First of all, I really want to appreciate all the support pouring in from everyone who has followed the Lessons from a Big Baby series . . .

Hey everyone.

First of all, I really want to appreciate all the support pouring in from everyone who has followed the Lessons from a Big Baby series, and all who have so graciously left a comment or two or liked each post. I also want to appreciate all of you who consistently take the time to catch up with Alethea’s Mind, your time is precious and you spare some for us, so thank you again and again.

For those who aren’t familiar with this series, you can click on the links below to catch up on previous lessons shared over the past 3 days.

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Welcome to Day 4 of the series. I hope you find some pearls for keeps today.



Lesson 16: Never ever underestimate the strength of your weakness!

If I was a recovering alcoholic, I doubt I would be throwing my recovery party in a bar filled with booze. So it is with every other form of weakness we might have. We must never take for granted the things that can easily expose our Achilles’ heel. If I find that I am prone to gossip, it would be unwise to pick up my phone to call my ‘gossip partner’ thinking I’m strong enough today to avoid falling flat on my face. Can a man take fire in his bosom, and his clothes not be burned? Proverbs 6:27. 

Lesson 17: The art of holding a grudge is a subtle form of witchcraft, most times you don’t see its source nor understand its cause but you can feel its deep manipulations, irrespective of where you stand.

Can anyone explain to me why you only notice the one person you don’t like in a room filled with a million people? Can anyone explain why we find ourselves staying up late at night unable to sleep because, for whatever reason, our mind stays busy brooding over a hurt? Can anyone explain to me why I sit in a service listening to a sermon and without any effort, I feel the message is for so-so and so but not me? I heard one time that keeping a grudge is like allowing someone live rent-free in your head – how true that statement is. You don’t realise it, but somehow you find yourself doing things that you never imagined you would do in your right mind. So hey, let it go and be free, cos, to be honest, it’s not worth it. Not at all.

Lesson 18: With matters of the heart, idioms, proverbs and beating around the bush leave trails of longing but broken hearts – it’s best to speak plainly.

My mum always said to me: “Define your relationships from the start”. Wise woman. I found myself many times in awkward situations because I did not listen to her advice, and some of them ended up in real deep hurts. There is a world of difference between saying “I love you” or “I like you” or “I’m devoted to you” or “It’s over” and saying stuff like “You are the brother I want to see when I’m having a rough day” . . . I just laughed at that statement, I don’t even know what it means, but I’m sure you get my drift. I know we have somehow found ourselves in a world where things are not always what they seem, but when dealing with matters of the heart, be as plain as a clear bucket of water; you either want someone or you don’t.

Lesson 19: Clearly the church today has mixed up its goals. God has always sought converts from sinners. Church leaders hunt rather for a congregation. God seeks worshipers, church leaders seek workers. Many would love to rewrite the bible to read: “Do whatever you can to satisfy their desires that’ll get them to attend church. Remember that a good fisherman adjusts the bait to suit the fish.”

I see not much has changed in 9 years. And as much as I hoped it would, I know there is only more to come of the deception that plagues the Church. I pray, as our Lord did, that we would be alert, and keep Him ever before our eyes, lest we are led astray.

Lesson 20: In this part of the world, you either love your in-laws and make sure they love you back or you live on the moon.

I don’t know how it works in other parts, but in Nigeria, this is certainly the truth. It’s a funny lesson, but vital nonetheless. I am blessed to be married into a family filled with so much love, it almost feels like I never left mine. And I pray for someone today, that you will find love around you, the kind that will bring the best out of you.



I wrote these lessons 9 years ago in my time of waiting and learning. I have learned many more since then and I wish I wrote them down like I wrote these. I challenge you today, take some time to write down a lesson or two even if once a week. You’ll come back to them later to realise they’re worth more than any other investment.


8 thoughts on “Lessons from a Big Baby #4

  1. Life is a big journey that one is left to decide one’s destination. I think what happens in between the take off and the arrival are note worthy. As we continue in this journey may we all allow our scars to become stars by allowing our hearts to be teachable. Ride on Tosin. God will give more grace and more capacity.

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  2. Underestimating the strength of my weakness… wow! Isn’t that just what Satan wants me to do. Saves him so much work. Reminds me of Samson. Delilah would’ve had no power had he not shared his weakness with her. I pray God gives me the wisdom and strength to protect mine.

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