Loyal To What Exactly?

Everyone has an audience, but most especially, every ‘topic’ has an audience.

This morning, Facebook Memory brought back something I wrote last year and I thought to myself . . .

“This is not for Facebook, it should be right here on WordPress”.

So I brought it here, just the way I wrote it then.

I’ve been away with family and I really didn’t have the headspace for Alethea’s Mind. The Lord led me to this memory not because it’s been a while and I needed to come back from my break, but for the deep thought this post might trigger on the inside of you. So, if you will, take the time to ponder after reading.

Here’s the post below:

About 2 months ago, I started writing on aletheasmind.wordpress.com, and it’s been great. I get to write about things that challenge me and others I’m challenged by . . . and a few things that some might scratch their heads trying to understand. But in this journey, I’ve come to learn something that I never really considered before – It’s all about knowing your audience.

Everyone has an audience, but most especially, every ‘topic’ has an audience. The audience you think you gained just because they liked a certain post might stop being your audience the day you write something they don’t like. If you’re all about numbers, you must know your audience and remain loyal to them. I guess this would probably go down as a lesson in digital marketing, but since I’m no marketer, I’ll just leave it here for anyone that finds it useful.

But the lesson I have valued the most through this journey is this: Don’t be moved if you lose your audience because you speak the TRUTH.

These days, a lot of people sway in their beliefs because of what others might think, or say, or comment. So we’re stuck with a lot of ‘follow-the-bandwagon’ type of writers. No convictions. No standards. Nothing.

So with my writing, I pledge to be more loyal to Truth than to any audience.

The Truth will never leave you like an audience would.

Thanks for reading.

I’ve been writing on this blog now for a year and 2 months, and still, these words ring true. I’ll change nothing at all.

In every area of your life, what exactly are you loyal to?



Feature Photo by Cory Bouthillette

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