Swaying Perspective: Sky and Sea Tales #8

As I stood on the Tender looking out at the Platform and the Derrick that sat on it, I was amazed at how they both rocked up and down . . .

2013 was a busy year for me. I had moved to Malaysia the year before for work and boy did I work – it’s no wonder most of my Sky and Sea Tales are from that year. I spent many hours out at sea and those times were either tough, inspiring, challenging or life-changing – but looking back at them, I see how such a blessing they were to me and I’ll forever be grateful for the opportunity.

In today’s Sky and Sea Tale, I share an inspired moment. One evening I had just finished having my supper in the galley and for whatever reason, I walked to the window looking out to the deck towards the rig. As I peered out through it, I saw something that inspired what I wrote that day, which I share with you today.

Welcome to ‘Swaying Perspective’, a Sky and Sea Tale.

T-girl’s Journal Entry ~ 07/11/13

It happens every time; when you pick up that portion of scripture and suddenly it begins to look a lot like the solution to Ade’s problem; or while reading the book about handling procrastination that your husband got for you, you realize that maybe he should have gotten a copy for himself too. So maybe you’ve never read the book about handling procrastination, but you did listen to the preacher on Sunday and suddenly began to regret that your sister didn’t make it to church; she just missed a word’ for her!

Last night as I starred out through the window, I realized something interesting. To be able to picture exactly what I’m about to say, it’ll be wise to Google ‘Tender Barge Rig’ because that’s what I’m on right now. This Tender is a floating barge usually connected to a Platform through a gangway (some form of bridge hanging over the sea), and right on the Platform sits the Derrick.

Tender Barge Rig – just like the one I was on. Do you see the gangway?

As I stood on the Tender looking out at the Platform and the Derrick that sat on it, I was amazed at how they both rocked up and down and back and forth on the sea. I began to picture the guys on it swaying from side to side and maybe toppling over themselves while I was happily stable where I stood.

I’m laughing at myself in my head right now

You see, I’ve worked on Tender Barge Rigs for months and I know how they operate, and this particular one, like the ones I’ve worked on previously, is attached to a stable Platform, one that has its legs on the seabed.


Now, do you get why I was laughing?


Hold on!

From where I was standing, looking away from me to the Platform, my eyes could see it moving, rocking and swaying, when in actual fact, I and what I was standing on were the ones moving and rocking and swaying to the rhythm of the waves because we were floating, we don’t have legs so we don’t stand (all the pun intended). Because I knew this fact, its reality hit home in my heart:

It is easy to think that the other person is the one with the fault when you are looking away from you!

Typical of me!

As we go about each day, it would be wise to consider wearing a mirror for sunglasses. This way, we would be able to constantly look inside ourselves before we begin pointing fingers. I believe it was Jesus who advised us with all the love in His heart to take the log out of our eyes before we can adequately spot the speck in the eye of the other guy.

Then maybe the world would be much bearable to live in . . .

By the way, honey, I still think you should get yourself a copy of that book on procrastination.

Take some time today to check if you stand or sway . . .

9 thoughts on “Swaying Perspective: Sky and Sea Tales #8

  1. So true. It seems we like to disown the negative parts and project them on to others. I call it identy theft. I love Luke 7:33-35 where Jesus is explaining this. The Pharisee couldn’t see themselves as the problem, so the had to find reasons to accuse Jesus.

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    1. Identity theft…lol, funny but true. The Pharisees will always be a good example for grand display of self-righteousness, and somehow we find a way to walk in their footsteps. But when the light of the truth of Jesus shines in our hearts, we see ourselves for who we truly are: always in need of grace.

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  2. Here is a sentence from my first talk in church last year : The Apostle Paul taught that ” faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence not seen” ( Hebrews 11:1 ) I think those guys should have more faith in what they do before they go to work. Or more of an understanding Alethea as you have shown us here.

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  3. Hehe, I think I’ll just read your copy of the book on procrastination 😀. May God open our eyes and help us stay humble to notice the logs in our eyes.

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