Today’s Prayer

Dear God . . .


Dear God,

It’s a long journey, this life, with many bends and turns and winding paths. Keep my eyes on you, stayed on you, all on you, and I know I’ll never lose my way. 




Want to know more about having the right perspective? This post might shed some light: A Prayerful Perspective

4 thoughts on “Today’s Prayer

    1. Oh wow. Thanks for sharing the link. Funny enough, writing or recording some of my prayers is something I’ve done for a while, it helps me keep a record of them, and sometimes I realise that the words I use and the way I use them sound quite poetic, so if I didn’t keep them, I’ll have no memory of all that ‘wit’, lol. So yeah, Today’s Prayer has become sort of a feature on Alethea’s Mind. Oh for grace to keep up 😊

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