Of Grey Skies and Rainbows

For so many days, it’s been grey and wet and almost depressing . . .

Just when I was done complaining to Stu about the constant rains and grey skies, I step out of the house to go pick up my daughter from nursery only to be greeted by this surreal vision of awesomeness . . .

I was screaming from excitement. I could see one end to the other and the reflection too. There’s something about rainbows that excite me, and to be honest, I really do not know what it is. I got a few pictures, jumped into the car and prayed that it stayed there until I got to Tega’s school so she could also catch a glimpse. As I drove off, I realised that my son would have loved to see it too; ‘rainbow’ was one of his first words. But he was home with my friend and if they didn’t come out of the house, they wouldn’t know there was such a sight to behold. I had pictures, so I promised myself to show them to him when I got back home.

I got to Tega’s school and the rainbow seemed to sharpen and the view from her school was even more magnificent. I got my phone out and remembered ‘Panorama’.


That’s her school in the middle . . .


I was excited. I raced into the school and to her class only to catch her playing the role of ‘crocodile’ about to eat some monkeys. I had prayed and I knew the rainbow would wait, so I stood behind her proudly watching her acting skills until she noticed me and ended the scene. We got out and the rainbow was waiting for us, her excitement was worth more than a million bucks. Not long after, it disappeared.

We drove home and I told my friend about the rainbow that was in the sky and how sorry I was that they missed, but much to my surprise, she said that when she went to pick Brume from his bed, she noticed the rainbow from the window in the room and quickly carried him to see it. They both stood watching it too just as we were, even when I thought they had missed it.

For so many days, it’s been grey and wet and almost depressing, but just when our hearts were about to give in to the greyness by constant complaining, God gaveΒ us a reason to remain brightened by His promises.

Are you experiencing periods of gloom, look up, there’s a rainbow waiting to put a smile on your face. His name is JESUS!


30 thoughts on “Of Grey Skies and Rainbows

  1. Tosin, That was absolutely beautiful! I love rainbows, too, and if I see one, I like to take pictures, too. And, yes, they are a beautiful reminder of God’s promises to us and of hope.

    My husband and I have been laying low for a couple of days due to some kind of bug that is draining us, and I have had great difficulty even being able to read anything and to even mentally concentrate on the words written, but this evening that seems to be lifting, and yours is one of the posts which God has used this evening to encourage my heart and to lift my spirits, so thank you for the rainbow! ❀ ❀

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  2. A double rainbow!!! Awesome. It looks o beautiful, especially the almost full one over he building .. did you ever wonder about the pot of gold myth at the end of a rainbow?

    You desired Brume and your friend could see it and though you couldn’t physically reach them to bring that to pass ,in his own way God made that happen.
    The little things he does are so cute.

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    1. I took a picture of Tega with the rainbow just above her head, and a friend of mine brought my attention to that ‘pot of gold at the end of the rainbow’ idea. She said Tega is our pot of gold πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

      That’s exactly what I thought. God, in His own way, heard a desire in my heart that I didn’t even voice out. Amazing Father!!!

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