Smile . . .

Life is fun; live it, smile through it, don’t let the hard days weigh you down!


Go through your old pictures and laugh at the foolish ones. Laugh well, laugh with tears, laugh out loud.


Call to memory the moments of greatest joy, those moments when you knew without a shadow of a doubt that you were loved because you still are.


Cherish the memories, even the ones with sad endings, and harbour no resentment. Every point in your life has brought you to this very moment.


Life is too short to be worried about how that stain on your dress tried to ruin the day . . . call it polka-dot, and smile!




3 thoughts on “Smile

  1. Oh, what a joy you brought! 😊 Pictures are like words in that we can use them to remember. God gives us His Word for that very purpose, and He calls us to do the same – to write it down. Now we can write with pictures, we can remember God’s blessings, and we can be encouraged.

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    1. So true. This post, as short as it is, had a huge face lift with the pictures, to help stir our hearts to what the message is about. And I’m grateful for the places we can get these images to help share our message. God bless those who have made them available ,😃

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