The Intentional Series #2

Be intentional . . .


As much as I wish I could stumble upon success, I know it’s just one big useless wishful thinking. I must take intentional steps towards every desired goal.

What intentional steps do you need to take today?

#The Intentional Series

13 thoughts on “The Intentional Series #2

    1. You’re the second person telling me today that their word for the year is Intentional. I pray you’re able, by His grace, to live in that manner, and I pray that even when you might not meet up, His mercy will speak for you and bring an answer to what you desire.

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    1. This is getting even more enlightening. I like this. How God the Son intentionally came in the form of a man and intentionally gave up His life for me . . . what more push do I need to live an intentional life for Him? Thanks Kathy…bless you

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