The Intentional Series #3

Be intentional . . .

Jesus replied, β€œNow is not the right time for me to go, but you can go anytime.
John 7:6

Have you ever wondered why Jesus was very particular about time and timing? I believe the answer lies within this phrase:

“It is written”

Jesus came to fulfil all that was written concerning him. To achieve that, he had to consider every second of his life and waste none of it. When others around him could do whatever they liked whenever they liked, he, on the other hand had to be more intentional.

Jesus calls us to the same lifestyle.

Value your time.

Be intentional!

#The Intentional Series

20 thoughts on “The Intentional Series #3

  1. Time is indeed a valuable resource, given as a gift from God. We must pay close attention to Him, receive His direction. I used to get all freaked out about if I was missing something Big: how come I wasn’t making this huge impact, like some of my friends did? But when I pray and ask the Holy Spirit to search me, I don’t get any vibes that I’m being disobedient. I used to ask for a larger ministry, something that would get the Word out to lots of people, that I could see some kind of result. But God doesn’t have that for me, and I’m good with it. I attend to Him, am obedient, and He does with me as He likes. ~ahh~ there’s a lot of peace in that. I don’t have to beat any bushes, grab anyone’s shirt collars, accost anyone in the streets; just heed and obey.

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    1. I read this quote some years ago and I shared it on Facebook for my records. I got reminded of it some days ago and as I read your comment, my heart remembered it. Here it goes: “Some who seek to know God’s will for their life focus on knowing what they are supposed to do instead of what they are supposed to become. When they speak of wanting the greatest calling, they refer to the size of their ministry instead of the size of their heart” ~ Pablo Perez
      So at the end of the day, your heart is in the right place and that’s all that matters, that’s really all He wants. 😍

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