King Herod and the Big Bad Wolf

What drives the heart of man . . .

I’m the mother of an amazing three-year-old ‘old’ woman. If you have followed this blog for a while, you would have read about her in some of my old posts and you’ll know that I call her DQ: Drama Queen. Towards the end last year, I decided I would do a disjointed series of posts about the very interesting things she says and does, just for laughs of course, and that is still in the pipeline. But in the midst of the funny things she says and does, there have been loads of times God has spoken intentionally through her. Today was one of those days.

During one of our morning devotions last week, we read about King Herod’s attempt to hurt baby Jesus and how God sent an angel to Joseph in a dream to warn him, asking him to take his wife, Mary, and the baby to Egypt. It was a very touchy story for DQ, considering how attached she is to Mary, Joseph and Baby Jesus. I remember reading the verses and watching the expressions on her face: “King Herod! How dare you 😲😲😲?” Just. Hilarious. Now all I hear every time is how King Herod is a very bad man.

A while ago, also during one of our morning devotions, we talked about how being obedient is like building your house on the rock; when the rains and floods come, your house will stay standing. Cutting right through the middle of my exegesis, DQ said, “Yes, your house will be made with bricks and the big bad wolf won’t come and blow it away”. Oh well, she got the message, thanks to the story of the three little pigs (how ironic: my dad bought me that storybook and cassette when I was a little girl). So I kinda agreed with her analogy, hoping we both had the same interpretation of who the big bad wolf is; for me, of course, it’s the devil.

Fast forward to this morning: we were seated in the kitchen having breakfast. Suddenly, DQ calls my attention and says “Mummy, do you remember? King Herod is riding on the big bad wolf. Do you remember?” She says this as she demonstrates with hand motions like she’s riding a horse or something like that. I was silent, mostly from trying to process what she had just said. We didn’t talk about the big bad wolf the day we talked about King Herod, so what was the connection? After a minute or two, she said it again, “Do you remember, mummy, King Herod is riding on the big bad wolf”.

Then it hit me.

So many evils have been perpetrated by humans since the beginning of time. From Cain murdering his brother to the beheading of John the Baptist. From Hitler’s agenda to wipe out a certain race to the planes that flew right through the Twin Towers. From that hit-and-run on a quiet road to the rape in that dark alley. Humans have been in the driving seat of every evil act. But how did something that was called good at the beginning of creation become so bent on being evil? What drives the heart of man to scheme and plot all kinds of atrocities?

King Herod is riding on the big bad wolf!

Some time ago, my husband used this analogy to explain why humans are capable of such evil. He said that God created us in His image and gave us His creative ability. Unfortunately, the devil stepped into the scene without the ability to create anything, so he speaks into the minds of men who are able to create, and the moment a mind takes hold of his ideas, it comes to life through that same creative ability.

When the devil tempted Eve, it was an invitation for her to ride on his words. The moment she mounted his words, he took off with her and rode into the realm of disobedience, drawing her away from the presence of God and taking her husband and the rest of humanity with him. And that is what he does even today. He speaks to our minds and hopes we ride on his words as they attempt to drag us away from the heart of God.

In the wake of evil events, so many people choose to blame God but have failed to see that HE IS NOT THE SOURCE NOR THE CHANNEL of these terrible things. Very interested and invested in our redemption, God sent Jesus to restore our hearts to His original design, giving us the power to resist the devil and his temptations. Unfortunately, many have stubbornly refused to accept this offer of redemption and find themselves riding on the big bad wolf, just like King Herod did when he tried to kill Jesus and ended up killing many innocent babies and children.

Then the angel carried me away by the Spirit to the desert. There I saw a woman sitting on a red beast. It was covered with names against God written on it, and it had seven heads and ten horns. The woman was dressed in purple and red and was shining with the gold, precious jewels, and pearls she was wearing. She had a golden cup in her hand, a cup filled with evil things and the uncleanness of her sexual sin. On her forehead, a title was written that was secret. This is what was written:
the great babylon
mother of prostitutes
and of the evil things of the earth

Revelations 17:3-5

You don’t have to ride on the big bad wolf like King Herod did. You don’t have to listen to the big bad wolf like Eve did. You don’t have to buy into his evil ideas and bring them to life. You don’t have to . . . end up like him.

And the devil, who deceived them, was thrown into the lake of burning sulfur, where the beast and the false prophet had been thrown. They will be tormented day and night forever and ever.

Revelation 20:10

22 thoughts on “King Herod and the Big Bad Wolf

  1. Tosin, I have a 3 year old granddaughter who sounds a lot like your daughter. She cracks me up on a regular basis with the funny things that she does and says. She has such character! And, so sweet!

    I enjoyed reading about your daughter, and it sounds like maybe God was revealing some things to her, too, for God does speak to these little ones, and many times they do end up being his messengers, though perhaps unintended by them. They just say whatever comes to their minds.

    Yes, King Herod riding on the big bad wolf is a very vivid picture, not just of that time in history, but of our time in history now, and in ways that a lot of people might not suspect, either. For, this is like the woman riding the beast, as you suggested here, and I do personally believe that woman to be America, i.e. the church in America in union with the government in servitude to the Elite and wealthy of the world who are conquering peoples and nations just like it was prophesied in Revelation 13, only in our day and time now. And, I believe God may have given your daughter that picture to give you that picture, too.

    But, you are so right to apply this to us as individuals, too, and to let us know we don’t have to be like that, and we don’t have to end up like that, either. Amen! Yes, we can turn our hearts over to Jesus Christ, be delivered from our slavery to sin, and walk in purity of devotion to Jesus Christ in his power and strength from this day forward, and all because of God’s grace to us. Praise the Lord! And, thanks.

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    1. Thank you for this very thoughtful response, you really took your time to say it quite clearly, and I appreciate it very much. I’m sure my daughter will be much like your granddaughter, they are surrounded by the love and teachings of Jesus, it’ll help them blossom into the amazing women God created them to be. Bless them both.

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  2. How incredibly sweet and powerful God is to use us to teach our kids, and use our kids to teach us! I so enjoyed enjoyed this. I miss the days of my little one sharing and teaching such life changing moments in God’s word. Thanks for sharing with me. It encourages me in being able to “resist the devil and he will flee from me.” Sometimes I can so easily miss that it is him and take all the blame on myself.
    Tell DQ I said thanks for warning me about the big bad wolf! ❤
    God loves you! And loves little DQ! ❤

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