It’s a great day today!

Breaking the silence . . .

Breaking the unintended silence with something quite unusual

It was today, 38 years ago, but on an Easter Monday, when two lovers were joined together in Holy matrimony.

In this chapel

Those two lovers stood the test of time, loving each other through and through till death separated them.

If it hadn’t been for these two lovers, three wonderfully amazing men and one strong beautiful woman would never have been brought forth to this world to be salt and light as they are today.

The full squad
Fantastic Four

Today and in this season, as we remember our Lord who went to the cross for us, we also remember these two lovers, who gave their lives and their all, their blood and their sweat, their strength and discipline, to raise us.

Because Christ resurrected, we know we’ll see our dad again, and for the same reason, we give our all to our mum who found every reason to keep fighting, just because of us.

Thank you both for leaving us the legacy of Christ, and thank you, Lord, for joining them together.

Happy Easter, mummy.

Happy Easter, daddy in heaven, it must feel different from up there.

Happy anniversary to you both!

* * *

Today is also the reason I have been so absent from Alethea’s Mind.


As we remember all that Christ did for us on the cross, we come together to use our gifts and talents for the work of the Kingdom as we seek its expansion.

I’m super excited about today and I trust that God will be pleased with all we have to offer.

For those who would love to watch the Drama Festival, click HERE for the Livestream link. The program starts at 6pm (GMT+1).

God bless you all for all your support.

Have a wonderful Easter celebration.

18 thoughts on “It’s a great day today!

  1. Today is our anniversary, too! We have been married 46 years and actually got married on Good Friday. I was teaching and that was my holiday break, just a long weekend for a honeymoon. But we are still together and have three children and nine grandchildren. Happy Anniversary to your parents! I am sure that they are proud of you. I’m glad that there is a Resurrection Day so that we can know your dear father is looking down on you from Heaven. Blessings!

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    1. Oh wow. April 20 is such a special day. Happy anniversary to you too, I pray that you will celebrate many more years like my parents and like Vickie who celebrated 46 years too. You’ll both live long!


  2. Oh, Tosin, I LOVE this post, and can only (warmly) imagine the love, honor, respect, creativity, and laughter all wrapped up in it. Thank you for sharing this with us, it is truly special.

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  3. PTL! Happy Anniversary to your parents, Tosin! What a touching post!
    I love the picture of “the full squad” and “the fantastic four” ❤
    Thank you for sharing the play. That was so incredibly powerful! I almost cried over "Why!" I loved the girls dancing and the message behind that song. The clip about Jesus was so powerful. And Legion! Oh my word! That whole bit was incredibly life like. I am sure God will use that to reach someone. I know He lovingly encouraged me with some tough love, and then reassured me with a strong voice! ❤ I am His! ❤ I am glad you are His!
    Is there a way to share this video of the play?? I would love to share it on Facebook with friends and family! Thank you for making it free (as God's message should be) and able to watch long after the play. I would've missed it otherwise.

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