Don’t Look Back . . . too!

It’s a matter of life and death . . .

He wants you to feel inferior because you trust in Jesus

He wants you to feel ignorant because you believe there is God

He wants you to hide your faith because he thinks it’s offensive

He wants you to fold our arms and watch the world fall apart

He wants you to bow to his ever-shifting fallen standards

He wants you to turn your back on the cross that saved you

He wants you to exchange your God for worthless idols

He wants you to blaspheme The Name above all names

He wants you to turn down the volume of your worship

He wants you to refrain from gathering with the brethren

He wants you to stop teaching your children the Word of truth

He wants you to stop having children by asking you to kill them

He wants you to redefine the standards of your God

He wants you to drop the standards altogether

He wants you to live for only here and now

He wants you to be lost with him forever


He is not after your flesh, he is after your soul

He is not after your money, he is after your children

He is not after your present, he is after your eternity


But he lost from the beginning; he was defeated from the start

He wants you to think he has power, but he really has none

Hold your head up high and walk like the child of a King that you are

Rise up from the pit of despair and reign; you have nothing to fear

Eyes on the prize as you fight this good fight of faith through life’s race

Robed in white with a crown on your head, you will walk on streets of gold

Life eternal in the presence of the One who alone can make you whole

So don’t look back, there’s nothing in this world for you

Don’t look back, you certainly have nothing to lose

Don’t look back, fix your eyes on Jesus, your Lord

Don’t look back, time is almost up.

39 thoughts on “Don’t Look Back . . . too!

  1. Amen and amen! Tosin, Thank you! That was so well written, and so full of truth, and so encouraging, too. You are absolutely so true in what you said here about the battle we are in with Satan, but also how Jesus already won that battle for us. Amen!


  2. Truth spoken here. While we give God the glory, we need to walk as watchmen, aware. Thank you for sharing the reality of walking in this fallen world. Blessings as you continue remind and encourage your readers. ♥

    Liked by 1 person

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