Resist Him!

. . . and he will flee

When he comes, resist him!

When he comes for your mind to cause confusion, fear and anxiety: resist him!

When he comes for your home, bringing anger and animosity: resist him!


When he comes for your marriage, to sow seeds of unforgiveness and hate: resist him!

When he comes for your children, to toy with their identity and self-esteem: resist him!


When he comes for your body, to strike with ailments of all sorts: resist him!

When he comes for your job, to set others against you as you stand for truth: resist him!


When he comes for your relationships, by sowing seeds of discord: resist him!

When he comes like the accuser he is, with words to tear your soul apart: resist him!


When he comes with temptations of many kinds to cause you to fall: resist him!

When he comes to steal, kill and destroy, why don’t you resist him!


Resist the devil and he will flee from you.

Don’t ask how. Just say,

“Satan, I resist you in the name of Jesus”

And he will flee with his tail between his legs.

He will return with another trick up his sleeve, but don’t be moved.

All you need to do is resist him!


Don’t give up now, keep fighting, and resist him!

20 thoughts on “Resist Him!

    1. I couldn’t stop myself from laughing at your comment, Lisa 😄 forgive me. I too have had such moments when I wished I saw something just minutes earlier that would have saved me from doing something I wish I didn’t. But the truth will not be wasted, we will apply as we receive it. God bless you and your brother ☺️

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  1. Thanks for this beautiful piece. Very timely. I’ve been very worried recently especially with all the evils I see around and the disturbing newspapers and other media reports. Thanks for reminding me on how to go about handling the situation that could have led to anxiety pangs and maybe depression: resisting the devil before he messes up my mind. Jesus has come to destroy the works of Satan and so we are more than conquerors in all situations. More grace Aletheas …

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  2. With you on this one……..have asked the enemy IN JESUS name to leave my home more than once! And peace returns like a wonderful summer breeze. satan will go…….resist him with all you got!

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  3. Wow.. Resist the devil and he will flee from you! Why does it seem like I didn’t know this Scripture? ! Timely Word! It’s like the right sword or arrow I needed to release. Thanks sis! God bless you richly. “Satan, you sure are a loser! I resist you in Jesus Name” 🙏

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  4. Is this your sermon notes? Because this right here is a Sunday morning sermon if I have ever heard one. Powerful post with a truth that many of us do not take into consideration.

    Satan only has the power we give him.

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