A Tune For A Song?

Let’s sing along . . .

On Sunday night, while at a prayer vigil, we began to sing and dance in worship of our great and mighty God. I joined in as it’s what I love to do any day. As I danced, moving around the hall, I thought to myself what else in this world would make me lose myself in ways others might consider embarrassing; like David, when he danced before the ark of the Covenant.


As we rounded up, these words filled my heart as the answer to my question, so I wrote them down.

I know it’s a song, but I’m not one to come up with the best tunes, at least I don’t think I can, except by divine inspiration.

So where are my musical buddies?

Wanna help?

Song title: You are the reason

You are the reason I want to dance
You are the reason I want to sing
You are the reason I express myself in the many ways you let me
You are the reason my heart rejoices
You are the reason I’m alive
The very reason I still exist
So I bring out my best moves just to impress you
I sing as loud as I can just to please you
I let myself go and don’t care who is watching
All I want to do is make you smile
Let every fibre of me bring you praise
For your love makes me dance
Your faithfulness makes me sing
Your grace gives me life
So I’m dancing now and singing too
You are the reason, Jesus, it’s all you.

If you do come up with something, I’ll very much love to hear it. And if you have to do a little rewording, that’s fine too.

Let’s keep praising our great and mighty God.

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