Time to Heal

The time is now . . .

Sometimes, all it takes to heal a wound is to open it up and tell it the TRUTH! I’m glad the TRUTH always sets us free. – Alethea’s Mind

15 thoughts on “Time to Heal

      1. Doing well. I’ve been in counseling for over a year to heal the affects of my childhood. I had a tough appointment yesterday that left me wondering if ripping open old wounds is a good thing or not. Then your post! It confirmed that to clean them out properly they have to be ripped open. Thanks Tosin! I’m ready to go to Scotland!

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        1. Amy, this was really meant for you. I actually wrote this in 2013 and shared it on Facebook. Yesterday, it appeared in the memory and I felt the urge to share it here. I was quite busy but somehow every little moment I had, I found myself working on it on my phone. Now this is what struck me: in the original one I said ‘old wounds’, but as I wrote it here, I took the ‘old’ out, don’t know why. So seeing you call it ‘old wounds’ has left me amazed, like you had seen the original words.
          God is interested in healing our wounds, if we will let Him. You have encouraged me so much by sharing the way God is dealing with those old wounds, so I’m here to encourage you to go the whole yard. I can’t wait to hear even more of your testimony of His touch.

          Scotland is waiting for you. I’m waiting for you! 😁


          1. Gonna be hard to go all the way. But so needed. When we are the product of someone’s hurt it’s so hard to take responsibility to fix what you didn’t break. But I’m so over being tortured by old wounds that weren’t healed properly

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