Art. Beauty. History.

Preserve your story


Writing is an ART, writing is BEAUTY, but I’ve come to realize over the years that writing is HISTORY. Our memory can only do so much to remember, but what you have written down can never be forgotten.

– Alethea’s Mind


Kudos to everyone who in truth preserve our stories with words for generations to come. Keep writing!

28 thoughts on “Art. Beauty. History.

  1. All I keep hearing Abba say is, “We control the narrative through Him….

    In a time where media outlets write what they want people to hear and ultimately believe, and even where some religious/spiritual sources add to and take away from the gospel, the Lord is amazingly giving us space and a place to share His true, untainted riches and His absolute truths. Our hearts are the parchment on which He writes and our souls are the canvas on which He paints His words and His-Story to be forever told.

    As we begin this journey anew
    to Abba we must continue to be true
    in a time and season where truth is lost
    we must remember Jesus paid the cost
    on Calvary for us to spread the Good News….

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      1. Truly…It truly breaks my heart when I see otherwise! We have so many chances in our daily lives to truly glorify, honor, and lift up the name Jesus, so that others may be drawn to Him, but many times, and more times than not, we don’t….

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  2. Sooooo, truth about the top picture…..

    About 11 years ago, the Lord started me on a pretty amazing journey. During the early years I picked up a lot of books, especially on spiritual growth and spiritual leadership. It was something though, because I hardly ever read a book all the way through, because Abba usually talked to me and fed me through the topic and the table of contents. Well, many years later, He took the books away and sat me down at His feet with His Book, the Bible. Here He began to teach me more about my spiritual growth and spiritual leadership than I ever gleaned from any “other” books. I received lessons from a Boat Master Builder, Noah; Father of Faith, Abraham; Governor Joseph; and the like…

    After time passed, the Lord gave me a vision of a library in my future home. That picture came back to me as I opened this message and looked at the top picture. I was overwhelmed and excited not only because of the picture you used, but the content of this message, and also what the Lord said to me, which I shared already…

    But here’s what the picture looked like. (and I describe) On the wall in my future library I imagined having shelves of books, oodles of them to be exact, from the floor to ceiling. BUT in the middle of them, I’d have a space carved out, a picture frame of sorts, with one Book in the center, the Bible…

    Many may believe that we live in a time where the word of the Lord is outdated, isn’t applicable to our daily lives, and simply doesn’t work, but we know without a doubt that the word of the Lord WILL NEVER LOSE ITS POWER!!

    “The grass withers, the flower fades,
    But the word of our God stands forever….Isaiah 40:8

    Thanks for this message Abba, spoken and delivered through Your chosen vessel!!

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    1. This is amazing. You know, God just is amazing. Anytime I have to use pictures, I look through a few and wait for the nudge for the right one. Because the pictures are also a part of the message He gives. I’m grateful that one of them was a direct confirmation of something He has already told you. As we continue to honour His word in our lives, He’ll bring every single one of them to fruition. Thanks for sharing this with me.

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