Helping God

Nothing but the truth?

‘No man ever puts a stumbling block in the way of others by telling the truth; to tell the truth is more honouring to God than to tell a lie. If God has done something for you, you will know it unmistakably, but if He has not, never say He has for the sake of other people’ – Oswald Chambers

When I think of this quote, I remember the verse in the Bible where God instructed that no altar of stone be built with hewn stones (Exodus 20:25). I don’t know if there’s an official theological reason for why God said that, but when I read it, I felt in my spirit that God did not want the people to offer sacrifices to Him on an altar that had been adjusted according to human specifications.

Sharing our testimonies of God’s goodness is like building an altar unto Him, and if we, with our tools of human wisdom, exaggeration and eloquence, adjust the workings of God’s hands in our lives to elevate His ability in the eyes of others, such an altar will never serve His purpose.

I have tried to help God many times. In those times, in my testimonies of the things He has done, I foolishly padded and removed and added for the benefit of those who listened. I probably thought nothing of it at the time, but it only indicated my lack of understanding of the God I serve, and how He is enough in Himself. Now, as one who publicly shares, I make a conscious effort to truthfully honour the Lord with my words.

It seems subtle . . . but is it?

10 thoughts on “Helping God

  1. You make such a good point! Oh magnify the Lord with me! He is God of details and big pictures. And details make up the big pictures. We must honor Him in the details, so that is His picture: when it is magnified, it is all of Him that others see.

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  2. As I read this passage, thinking about the stones mentioned in Exodus 20:25, the Lord led me to Joshua 4…..

    And it came to pass, when all the people had completely crossed over the Jordan, that the Lord spoke to Joshua, saying: 2 “Take for yourselves twelve men from the people, one man from every tribe, 3 and command them, saying, ‘Take for yourselves twelve stones from here, out of the midst of the Jordan, from the place where the priests’ feet stood firm. You shall carry them over with you and leave them in the lodging place where you lodge tonight.’ ”4 Then Joshua called the twelve men whom he had appointed from the children of Israel, one man from every tribe; 5 and Joshua said to them: “Cross over before the ark of the Lord your God into the midst of the Jordan, and each one of you take up a stone on his shoulder, according to the number of the tribes of the children of Israel, 6 that this may be a sign among you when your children ask in time to come, saying, ‘What do these stones mean to you?’ 7 Then you shall answer them that the waters of the Jordan were cut off before the ark of the covenant of the Lord; when it crossed over the Jordan, the waters of the Jordan were cut off. And these stones shall be for a memorial to the children of Israel forever.”8 And the children of Israel did so, just as Joshua commanded, and took up twelve stones from the midst of the Jordan, as the Lord had spoken to Joshua, according to the number of the tribes of the children of Israel, and carried them over with them to the place where they lodged, and laid them down there. 9 Then Joshua set up twelve stones in the midst of the Jordan, in the place where the feet of the priests who bore the ark of the covenant stood; and they are there to this day.

    Abba instructed them to take twelve stones from the river bottom, which hadn’t been hewn which would serve as a memorial…

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        1. Look at another portion I came across today: Isaiah 9:8-10

          8 The Lord has sent a message against Jacob;
          it will fall on Israel.
          9 All the people will know it—
          Ephraim and the inhabitants of Samaria—
          who say with pride
          and arrogance of heart,
          10 “The bricks have fallen down,
          but we will rebuild with dressed stone;
          the fig trees have been felled,
          but we will replace them with cedars.”

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          1. Look at man….WOW!!

            Lord help us to forever take heed of Your word! All these lessons and stories should serve as our examples, helping us to always trust, obey and follow Your lead!!

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