I still worry about what others think about me. I still hope everyone likes me. I never want to be the villain in anyone’s bedtime story.

But in the heart of those desires is pride. My assessment of myself is based on ‘goodness’ not ‘godliness’ and if I must be truthful, like Paul, no good dwells in me.

So, I’m grateful that God chooses to use a broken vessel like me. I’m glad that Jesus’s blood is powerful enough to clean a mess like me. I’m thankful that grace will always find a lost one like me.

If not for God, the worst you think of me might only be the beginning.

15 thoughts on “Perception

  1. It’s typical nature to want to be liked and accepted. It’s a comfort instinct I believe. But we’ll never be everyone’s cup of coffee.

    You might not be perfect, but I accept you!

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  2. A devotional I read this morning was about the famous English evangelist, George Whitefield. He received scathing criticism for his work for God. He responded to one letter of this ilk: His reply was brief and courteous, “I thank you heartily for your letter. As for what you and my other enemies are saying against me, I know worse things about myself than you will ever say about me. With love in Christ, George Whitefield.”
    As long as we are being obedient to God, to the best of our abilities (and ask forgiveness when we don’t), we may have a clear conscience. God knows just how much we need man’s approval, and He will provide in His perfect timing.
    I’ve missed you, too. Your thoughts always inspire and motivate me.

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  3. Althea, Spurgeon’s quote is so true. Instead of worrying about what OTHERS may think of us, we must always seek to understand how GOD sees us. We are HIS. We are CHOSEN. We are SAVED. We are BLESSED. We are clothed in the RIGHTEOUSNESS of Christ.

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  4. We all must be grateful for God’s saving and forgiving grace. And, we must never take that grace for granted. For, without it, we would all be in a mess. Not one of us is righteous in and of ourselves. So, we need the Lord to turn us around and to purify our hearts and to point out our weaknesses so that he can change our hearts to be more like him. It is good that you are sensitive to his voice, and that you are listening, and that you are responding to his promptings. That is wonderful!

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  5. Wow! Amen! Thank you for such powerful words of honesty. I think, if we’re all honest with ourselves, we can ALL certainly relate. I know I can!!! God bless you, sis! ❤

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  6. These are some power packed words of Truth! Wow. Beautifully written. It can be tough sometimes – remembering that we are not here to please man but God. Our human nature wants to not rock the boat. To not be the one who stirs something up. We are called to be the peacemakers, but certainly not at the expense of ‘looking just like the world.’ (in any sense)

    I believe you have brought to light an issue that so many of us struggle with. I know I do and have. It’s nice to be liked but it’s certainly not required by all 😉 We can only be true to who God created us to be. Everything else is out of our hands and in HIS (along with everything else!)

    Praying your day is beautifully blessed, sis. Thank you for sharing this! 🙏🏼

    ~ Holly

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