Can you be real?

then come!

“I come naked and not ashamed. I come naked and not ashamed. You know my weakness. You know my strength. You know my weakness. You know my fears. You see my secret thoughts. You know my heart. I can be real with You. I can be real! I lay my burdens. I lay my cares. I lay my worries. I lay my fears. Jesus please help me, save me from me. I can be real with You. I can be real” – Victoria Orenze

I heard this song when I visited a friend yesterday. The words have pierced my heart and left me bleeding out pride and every dirty thing that has tried to hide inside. As I have meditated on these words, I know God has been speaking to me. I think hard about the state of Adam and Eve before the fall: before Him, they were naked and not ashamed. That’s how He has always wanted us to present ourselves, that’s how He intended it to be from the beginning.

So He wants me to know that at the centre of surrender is this:

Coming naked before God.

Admitting that I am not strong and laying it all out before Him.

I need His help.



Someone, please know that you can be real with Jesus and He will never condemn you. He wants us to come as we are and receive the life of victory that His cross won for us.

Can you be real? Then come!


19 thoughts on “Can you be real?

  1. We hear You Lord!! Sis, you have no idea how this blessed my heart! Abba truly leads us in life and living, and He uses anointed vessels to utter His words to us!! Thanks be to the Lord!!

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  2. Love this reminder. We can be naked and not ashamed before Abba. We can be vulnerable and lay all our frets, anxieties, doubts at His feet. Oh how joyful this is – a Holy God who’s not afraid to hear from His children who are undergoing the sanctification process. Hallelujah! He’s transcendent and oh so immanent.🙌🏽🙌🏽

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