Murdering Demographics

Numbers laced with death.

While walking through the mall some weeks ago, I walked past this advert and my eyes caught the caption for a bit as I walked past. But the words kept coming back to me:

Today, 3500 people WILL DIE on the road . . . (God forbid)

Something was wrong with what I just read. What was the basis for this information? What was the source of it? Did they give tags to the 3500 people who have left their houses in the morning with plans to die? Did anyone stand on the road to count how many people died the previous day to make such predictions? Is it fact or is it just a scare tactic? While there are many other ways these statistics might have been delivered, if they are even statistics at all, those words were intentionally selected by the people who designed and approved the advert, and it was done for a reason.

Life and death are in the power of the tongue.

In the name of demographics, the media has succeeded in sowing seeds of fear into the hearts of many, and there is no place the devil functions more efficiently than in a heart filled with fear. We read and listen to news and adverts like these and soon enough we speak them into reality, because we, created in the image of God, are the ones with the creative power, not the devil, so he needs us to function, leading us with leashes of fear to do his bidding.

Faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the Word of God . . . and so does fear, by the words of the enemy sowed in hearts by such murderous demographic.

In 2019, 5000 people WILL DIE from breast cancer . . . (God forbid)

With such confidence, they utter these statements without considering that their words are going out like arrows. WILL DIE – with their words, they kill.

I choose to see such demographics and statistics as evil prophetic statements sown as seeds, scattered about to catch any heart fertilized by fear to be the soil they will grow and bear fruit.

But we are not a part of this demographic. They speak their words in vain and make their predictions to their own detriment. In wisdom, we will live and fulfil the number of our days as we are daily lead by the Spirit of God.


14 thoughts on “Murdering Demographics

  1. Awesome truth!

    Every hurricane we have to blow through out here, I see what the news media’s do… they overemphasize on the possibilities of worst case scenarios and rile the people to panic. The bad thing about it is that people aren’t catching on…..

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      1. It’s not just news media’s… people think there’s a difference between political parties, presidents, politicians… etc. too busy blaming the “bad guys” to notice…

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  2. We all have to be wise and discerning. Too many people just believe everything they hear, and everything they see in the news or coming from a particular political party’s platform. Yes, news stories are regularly and consistently blown way out of proportion, and they are scare tactics. Sometimes I wonder, though, if perhaps there is more to this than just that. Maybe I over analyze things, but I wonder if this like the boy who cried wolf, and soon people are going to stop listening and stop heeding the warnings and then what they predicted really will hit. It is possible! Satan is surely behind it. And, he is the father of lies, and a trickster, and he loves to play mind games, too. We all just need to pray for wisdom and be discerning so that we don’t get caught up in all the war mongering and scare tactics and all the stuff they do regularly to pit people one against another.

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  3. The way the media is being used to frighten us, we that know better should also use the media to destroy their wicked statements as you have done and I believe that light will overcome darkness. Continue your good work

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  4. Today healing will take place for 1 million people, today deliverances from fear for 1 million people. Power in our tongues, and so we declare the truth of God in our nations.

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