Extreme Love

For God so loved you and me . . .

Some months ago, while sharing at Teens Church, I said something that didn’t come from me, because it was not a point in my notes, neither had I ever thought about it in the past. In teaching the teens about the length God went for us, I said something like this:

“The God who is so holy and cannot behold iniquity is the same one who wore the sins of the whole world like a jacket and took it to the cross. Imagine being so irritated by human waste that you’d rather not look at it, only for you to have to go through a waste pipe full of it just to get to the one you love . . . “

But you are pure and cannot stand the sight of evil . . . Habakkuk 1:13

He personally carried our sins in his body on the cross . . . 1 Peter 2:24

God abandoned his deity, ignored his holiness, disregarded his majesty, defiled his purity, stooped so low to be placed in a grave to chase recklessly after you and me . . . such extreme love is the love God has for us through Jesus Christ.

This came back to me today, and I’m eternally grateful to the One who did what he would rather not, just because He loves me.

You too can experience that love . . . just let Him in.

17 thoughts on “Extreme Love

  1. There was a time when it was in my heart to ask the Lord to help me say what needed to be said even if He had to blurt it out of me.

    At the time I had no understanding of the situation, but I felt to call a brother from the church and check on him. He had been coming with his family and everything seemed to be ok. But before we hung up, I blurted out, “hope to see you at church”. I thought how strange, they were coming… but they stopped coming. The Lord wanted a brotherly love act to help him stay in.

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    1. And it’s the same with withholding words too. Today I was thinking about how the Lord has really helped me bridle my tongue because there was a time when I would just talk about anyone and anything…..God help me. He does wonders

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