Hello, Dan Brown . . .

Dan Brown: “God can’t survive science” . . . and I do agree.

This is an old post from 2 years ago. I read it again in the early hours of this morning and I know it needs to be shared again. It’s one of those posts I had my heart in my mouth writing and I know the Spirit of God gave me utterance. As you read, be encouraged that the God you serve is above all.


As I wandered through the maze of my Facebook timeline a couple of weeks ago, I came across the headline of an article that caught my eyes. With my attention span dwindling lately for ‘internet-gist’, I knew I had to conjure my inner focus power to read the post, “I really have to read this,” said my curious self. So I clicked on the link and began my quest into the unknown. Truth be told, I really didn’t know what to expect when the headline was this:

DAN BROWN: “God Can’t Survive Science”

As I journeyed with the writer, my pupils expanded with every line I read, I was finding it hard to blink . . . it was that intriguing. ‘God’ and ‘Science’ together in an article is such a daring juxtaposition. Not many people tread such waters. From time immemorial, both topics are politely placed worlds apart, and only the daring, like Darwin, ever try. So I applaud Dan Brown for his exploits. After all, he has made his fame with this same juxtaposition. You remember The Da Vinci Code? or Angels and Demons? Yes, Dan Brown wrote those, and now is the source of the topic in question.


And what he said, God can’t survive science? . . .

. . . DEEP! DEEP! DEEP stuff!

It was at a conference in Germany, while introducing his new book, Origin, that Dan seemed to suggest that in a matter of time, our need for a ‘god’ “who sits up there to judge us” will diminish as humans will begin to “explore our spirituality through our interconnectivity with each other“. He said that “gods always evolve” and soon all the ones that exist at the moment will one day be made redundant for a more reasonable scientific experience. In essence, God as we know it will never be able to outlive Science.

It took me a good while to digest what he was saying and to be honest, my first instinct was to discard it as a load of rubbish. I couldn’t find any truth in it. But as I walked away from the article and began to ponder on his words, my heart became enlightened and I realised that as much as I longed so much to disagree with his assertions, I couldn’t, because, deep within the recesses of his somewhat mocking words, there was an underlying truth . . . yes, as crazy as I might sound right now to my Christian friends, I do agree with Dan: God can’t survive science!

In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. The same was in the beginning with God. All things were made by him; and without him was not any thing made that was made. In him was life; and the life was the light of men. [John 1:1-4 – emphasis added]

Consider the scripture above. The God that I know and love and serve is the God who created the heavens and the earth and everything in-between. Yes, I choose to believe this and not that the world came from ‘nothing‘. (I’ll leave that there to marinate)

Photo by Jack B

I have come across quite a number of articles that list the things God cannot do. Lists of 10, 12, 20 and more. In all those lists, I believe there was one thing their writers failed to mention: Survive. God cannot survive. The One God who is The Beginning, the One who created everything, the One who is Life, the One who formed man and the science that man studies needs not outlive His creation. In fact, He cannot.

Consider the definition of Survive: to continue to live or exist, especially after coming close to dying or being destroyed or after being in a difficult or threatening situation.

There is no survival and no need to ‘survive’ if there is no threat to your existence. God exists and nothing threatens His existence, not even man’s desperate attempts to deny Him.

Whatcha say?

The devil?

Nope, not the devil either. There is literally no contest. No comparison. No competition. No ground level enough for them to meet.

So since there is nothing threatening God’s existence, you are right Dan, God cannot survive science, and in the grand scheme of things, He really doesn’t have to.

Dan also said that as humans, we will begin to explore our spirituality through our interconnectivity with each other. So consider this: Jesus said:

“I give you a new command: Love each other. You must love each other as I have loved you. All people will know that you are my followers if you love each other.” [John 13:34-35]. 

How about this:

“What is true religion? Religion that God accepts as pure and without fault is this: caring for orphans or widows who need help, and keeping yourself free from the world’s evil influence.” [James 1:27].

Now tell me, how much more interconnectivity can we experience outside these? In reality, we are already exploring our spirituality by our interconnectivity with each other, and that experience is called LOVE. As believers, our faith is very much an interconnected one as much as it is personal. No one can truly be a Christian in ISOLATION.

Photo by Ben Bowens

Jesus said that when we ‘feed the hungry, give a drink to the thirsty, clothe the naked, take care of the sick and visit the prisoner, we do it to and for Him. So in the practice of my faith, I connect with people and share the spiritual experience of love with them.

The only thing Dan forgot to mention is that the source of that interconnectivity can only be God, for God is Love. So yes, we explore our spirituality through our interconnectivity with each other, but if we ever think that we can have such a pure experience without God, we truly are being deceived.

Another thing Dan said was that gods evolve. I cannot speak for ‘other gods’, but God, the creator of heaven and earth, has very well evolved over the past centuries. But if we will be truly honest with ourselves, we will admit that God’s ‘evolution‘ can only be experienced in His relationship with us . . . and in our relationship with Him. Over the very many years that man has known God, He has presented Himself to man in the many facets of His existence. He has been the God who walked and talked with man in the cool of the day [Genesis 3:8], the God who spoke through a burning but not consumed bush [Exodus 3:2], the God who moved ahead as a pillar of cloud by day and a pillar of fire by night [Exodus 13:21], the God who raised weak men and turned them to warriors, the God who CAME HIMSELF!

Photo by Jacob Meyer

In response, we have hidden in shame behind a bush, built for ourselves a golden calf instead, denied His ability to deliver us by seeing ourselves as grasshoppers, carried out vain sacrifices rather than obey him . . . nailed Him to THE CROSS!

For sure, He has evolved. If He didn’t, our access to His grace would have been a ‘camel-going-through-the-eye-of-the-needle‘ experience. But don’t get it twisted, HE HAS NEVER CHANGED. In our hearts, we might shift His yardstick and tell ourselves that He has suddenly begun to loosen up and dine with demons he once banished, but that’s only on us . . . that joke is solely on us.

Lastly, Dan said that soon enough, our desire to have a ‘god‘ who sits up there to judge us will diminish. And yes, it will. He wouldn’t have to be far away to judge us anymore, we’ll be standing right before Him!

Only what our imagination can offer . . .

After reading the account of Dan’s interview, I really was supposed to end up offended, but I rather walked away from it more enlightened than I ever was. So . . .

Hello Dan,

I really want to say thank you for being a voice for truth even though I’m super sure you had no idea. You see, many times, people walk into life and do not realise that when they think they hold the reins and control the horse, they’re only actually being pulled by it. I say this only to let you know that you’re just a tool, just as I am, in the hands of the Creator of all. And I hope we quickly realise that we can’t put Him in the box that best suits us, He just won’t fit. Someday we all will come to the FULL understanding of why God won’t survive science; until then, we’ll just keep loving Him.


My Conclusion: Darkness is the absence of Light. Evil is the absence of Good. Death is the absence of Life God.

27 thoughts on “Hello, Dan Brown . . .

  1. Hahahaha!
    But, by “spiritual interconnectivity”, I thought bro Dan meant stuffs like ‘telepathy’, just like Professor X (in X-Men), Agent Pacman (in Herpes), etc, you know, getting into people’s minds and stuffs.
    Well, I must say, you almost made Bro Dan proud… ALMOST…

    Liked by 1 person

  2. When I think of people like him, I think of Pharos wizards who enchanted the people of Egypt. He’s a man who stands closely to the curtains so that the people behind can tell him what to say next to enchant the people.
    Just like those wizards, the Lord put them to silence. Dan will be no different.

    Liked by 1 person

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