Questioning Reality

This post is 2 years old today. I’,m happy to share it again so it can sing into the decade. I hope someone reads this and decides to do more to protect our children.

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Happy New Year Folks!

Or is it?

Why do we place demarcations between days to create weeks, months and years? I think it’s offensive. Offensive to Day. I don’t believe it asked to be separated. Did anyone ever ask Day what it really wants? If it wants to be made up of two days and two nights, or three days and a night? We just went ahead and stereotyped, and labelled, and classified. We aren’t sure if Day prefers to call itself Night and vice versa. But here we are, forcing the label of ‘day‘ on Day and ‘night‘ on Night, without first considering how they feel about it. Day must seriously be offended that almost everyone gets up once it breaks and runs around the world like headless chickens disturbing its peaceful existence. Why don’t we do the same to Night? I’m pretty…

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12 thoughts on “Questioning Reality

            1. It sure sounds like a lot. I pray you get some respite and strength for the ones you must deal with. Life does throw it all at us at some points, and the Holy Spirit is there to help us bear it. And we are here to encourage each other. If you need someone to listen, my ears will be open.

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  1. A couple days ago I sat on the bed pondering the course of this nation and even the world when everything now days seems to contradict the word of God. I thought about how the claim is made that the US is a Christian nation, founded on Christian beliefs and principles, yet our actions and laws say otherwise. As I thought about this I heard the Lord reminding me that I don’t look to the world for instructions and directions for life and living, I look to Him and His word…

    When I read the first few words of your post, “I hope someone reads this and decides to do more to protect our children,” my heart took a leap of joy because as dark as things may seem and appear, God is yet again raising a standard. He’s calling a remnant and charging them with the task of carrying His word into communities. He’s charging us to declare the word of the Lord, NO MATTER WHAT! And yes Sis, He has our young people in mind…

    The enemy has been having his way, BUT NO MORE!!!!!

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