Man’s not . . .

2 years ago, it was my couch. Today, I’m in bed, but not because I don’t feel like doing what I have to do – I’m down with a cold. Still, I’m glad that God sends messages to us to keep our spirits alive even when our bodies are highly unable to assist.

So, for those of us with 2020 visions, this is me cheering you on. WE CAN DO IT!!!

Alethea's Mind

Right now, I’m supposed to be upstairs in my corner, doing what I’m supposed to be doing at this time; but I’m not. I’m here, sitting on the couch . . .

You know when you just don’t have it in you ‘to do’. That’s how I feel at this moment. These very frequent episodes when the spirit is willing, but the flesh is highly unable to assist, so it lies limp, like a dead cat.

The struggle is real.

wake up.gif

So here I am: the dead cat . . . or maybe not . . .

I sense opportunity.

I feel a little drive.

This is my chance.

It’s now or never.

And if you’re like me, dead cat’s sibling, sitting on that couch or lying in that bed wasting away when you should me doing something usefully good, so not to waste any more of our time…

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19 thoughts on “Man’s not . . .

  1. Tosin, sorry that you are sick with a cold. That is no fun. But, God is in control. He has a purpose for you to be down in bed right now. So, praying that you will hear from him what he has for you in this time of stillness. Love you much!!! Sue ❤ ❤

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  2. Can relate my friend……just crawled back into bed after staying up all night with my dog…….but GOD! So even though I am exhausted, just visiting you here to leave you some love and encouragement. Loved the post and the cute pic too! Blessings dear one and feel better!!!

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