. . . of Simplicity, Service and Love

I’ve been on a special journey with the Lord since that grey Monday. On this journey, many walls I have built over the years have been pulled down and layers of veils torn apart as He gently strips me down to the original state He intended when He created me. I wish I can write every day about this journey, but in gratitude to Him, I share this piece that was written many years ago, as it speaks to the heart of the journey I’m on. During this lockdown, may our hearts reflect on our lives going forward and how we will choose to walk with the Lord now and when all this is over. 


. . . of Simplicity, Service and Love

As we rob the Gospel of its simplicity, we rob ourselves of the sweet loving relationship we can have with the Father, His Son and the Spirit. When Jesus said His yoke is easy and His burden is light, there certainly must be a heavy yoke in comparison, and I believe that yoke to be the one we place on our shoulders when we think we are accepted by God because of our good works or personal righteous deeds.

O, what a burden it is to account for how long I spend in prayer, and how many lines of scripture I read, or how faithfully I give or pay my tithe.

What a burden it must be to carry all that guilt when I fall asleep at night on my knees, like my ability to stay awake is a measure of my level of spirituality.

O, what a yoke it is to bare when I have to face my fellow believers in my shame because I could not attend that service or Tuesday meeting, and apparently, no explanation is worth my soul’s rejection.

How we put upon ourselves creeds and decrees that make it so hard to love the Lord without a checklist; and we forget that He said ” . . . not by works that any man should boast”, yet we boast each day as we stand on the pulpit about how many dead were raised because we fasted for 7 days in preparation for our revival concert.


I sigh because I feel that burden, and I know you feel it too. It’s almost like we can’t match the standard; like we can never meet up with the level required of us to be among the ‘Beloved’.

The Church has become a cult for the holy, and sinners like us have no place in it, and if we are let in, our seat is at the back of the class.

“But we cannot lower our standards”, we say.

So I ask, “What is our standard? Who is our standard?”

Our standard is JESUS and His gospel is simple:


Lord, help us to put away our papal vestments and clerical robes and put upon ourselves your Spirit. Help us to throw aside the woes we want so desperately to clothe ourselves with by being Pharisees, and let us put on YOU. You have set us free, may we be free indeed to live under the expression of Your grace and love you with our depths, that our works may only be an expression of that love and nothing more, and surely for Your eyes only. And when our hearts condemn us, please remind it that You are far greater in comparison, and it has no right to put our times of intimacy with you as a mere schedule on its to-do list. You will and forever will remain the Constant Presence in our hearts and minds as we live, move and have our being – in You!

15 thoughts on “. . . of Simplicity, Service and Love

  1. 👏🏼 👏🏼 👏🏼 This deserves a standing ovation Tosin! Works don’t save us for sure, they are an expression of our love and devotion to Jesus! I am reminded of the song, Jesus Friend of Sinners, when I read this!

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  2. Your heart pouring looks like what so many of us keep in our hearts. The backgrounds may be different, different characters or plots or settings; but we all have little (or big) secret struggles. God sees us, sees our struggles. And He so loves to care for us. Too often we forget that the way He comforts and cares for us is through others. We must learn to open and risk.

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    1. We must learn to open and risk – those words. He risked it when He came, knowning He would be rejected, but He came anyway. We must never fear rejection as we open up our heart to His comfort. Thanks, Kathy. I haven’t forgotten that I have not sent you that song. The one I had recorded was done in a format that can’t be opened elsewhere and I have to do another recording. Sorry it has taken me this long, but I will do it, by God’s grace. Hope you are keeping well.

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      1. I will enjoy your song in God’s timing. 😊
        Fear of rejection is a powerful force. It keeps us from doing a lot of God’s work. May we prayerfully overcome by the blood of the Lamb.

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  3. I agree with all you said here……..our relationship with JESUS is the most important thing. Try as we might, we can NEVER do enough. And that is the point! CHRIST was enough on the CROSS! HE paid the debt we owe. And HE was the perfect sacrifice.

    Yes I have examined how I will live my life during and after this crisis. I feel that during all this alone time, GOD has done a deeper work within me. And I pray after things get back to our new normal that I will live with a more changed and compassionate heart. Hope you are well and family too. Blessings dear one!!

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    1. Try as we might, we CAN NEVER do enough, this is a truth that needs to be preached very often. He has done it all, and our posture should be worship in response.

      I’m glad to know you are well, Maxine. God is surely drawing us all into a deeper fellowship with Him in this season. Prayers for more grace to stay under His hand.

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