Photography in Alethea’s Mind

Over the lockdown period, I got busy with my camera and have been inspired to capture images that get me thinking about God and life and purpose. I started sharing these images and their corresponding thoughts on Instagram and realised that Alethea’s Mind was left dormant. As I thought about it and prayed, I sensed the connection between those images, their corresponding thoughts and Alethea’s Mind. So with God’s approval, every Wednesday, I’ll be sharing them here as part of a Photography and Truth Seriesย (tagged P.A.T.S), and I’ll really love you to join me on this journey.


I’ve always loved photography and my dad was my inspiration. That man took pictures of everything and he did it for the memories. But it’s one thing to pick up a camera and just click on, and another to find the beauty in everything God created around us. For me, this is the theme of my journey:

Using this craft to expose the beauty in God’s creative pattern, and how He calls us to join Him to create for the good of others.

A year ago, I only knew that I had an eye for photography and I could ‘take’ good pictures, but now I have come to understand more about the art and the methods used in creating images that captivate the heart. I’m learning. I’m growing. And I’m thankful for those He has placed in my path as encouragers and teachers and supporters. And I am also grateful for those who will be blessed by the fruits of this journey.

Welcome to Photography in Alethea’s Mind.

39 thoughts on “Photography in Alethea’s Mind

  1. Oh how very wonderful that now you can incorporate some of those beautiful shots with what you write! But my most favorite thing you said here was this: I thought about it and I prayed! You are such a wonderful soul after GOD’S own heart friend! Can’t wait to see those pictures!!

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  2. Althea, nice to see you stopped by to read “Hatred.” I, too, have an eye for photography and have started taking pics again. I got a better Samsung cell phone and the camera is great, but I am on the lookout for a digital SLR. I used to develop my own B&W film and make my own prints. What a blast! It’s so cool to watch an image slowly appear on a blank sheet of photography paper while it sloshes about in developer. I am praying for this country daily. We need to move forward and into the light of love, mutual respect, equality, blessings, and friendships! God is love so we should also be love. Steven.

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    1. Hey Steven, good to see a new photo on your profile ๐Ÿ˜€

      I used Samsung phones and I loved the cameras too, and I’m probably going back to them soon. I have a Canon DSLR and about to get another one. It’s amazing that you got to develop your own films and make your prints. I wish I got that opportunity, but starting from the digital age, I’m still enjoying the learning process. I’m in the process of focusing on photographing newborns as I love hanging around babies.

      We are praying for all the nations of the world. It seems like the pot of everything evil just boiled over in this season, but God’s light will always shine through the darkness. It’s such a blessing to read from you!

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  3. Complete Art Fusion!….and yes just the right time of our lives to โ€˜pauseโ€™ and give life to the โ€˜momentโ€™…You always engineer great Art. Please keep blessing our generation with truth from around us.

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