Photography and Truth Series #1

“Life is not a race with men but a walk with God”

There was a time in my life when everyone around me seemed to be making great strides in their life’s pursuits and I felt stuck. I was pressured to play catch-up, but when God gave me the quote above, my perspective changed forever.

Take a look around you. Even in the limitations of the lockdown, you’ll see people who have achieved great lengths in their strides, and celebrate them we must, but we must never allow their achievements pressure us into premature delivery.


Many have lost precious seeds because they rushed to get them out while trying to play ‘catch-up’ with others. It’s okay to slow down, not under the guise of laziness and procrastination, but in the quest for excellence. So stop chasing men, walk with God!

His calendar for you is always best.

7 thoughts on “Photography and Truth Series #1

  1. I have always said life isn’t a sprint, it’s a marathon. And who is to say that if we race too much, we will miss all GOD has in store for us! The verse: “Be still and know that I am GOD”, has always caused me to slow down. Every day we should find that “slow intentional” time. Otherwise, how can GOD ever speak to us? Thank you for this and the picture up above!!

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      1. YES, how can HE if we don’t sit still?? I think too learning to listen takes time and effort. It is like fine tuning our senses towards HIS word and HIS whisper!!


  2. I love that picture and quote, too.
    I am reminded of planting in the spring. Here in South Dakota, spring is variable. We often have a blizzard in May, sometimes in June. My dad loves to plant his things early; he is so eager for his veggies to grow and eager to take care of them. He often has to purchase two or three rounds of plants as they get hailed or frozen out.
    We asked a seasoned gardener about planting time. He said he often waits until early June. He’s noticed that his plants, by the end of June, are just as strong and healthy and lush as those planted in May (if they didn’t get frozen or beaten), and often even more so. The unstable weather in May takes a toll on the young plants. If he waits until June, he said, he is more likely to have warm, sustaining weather, and his plants flourish.
    Eager doesn’t always mean it’s time. Wait on the Lord.

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