The Fog Within

It was a year ago. We walked out of the house together and stood by the car. Something wasn’t right and we both could see it. The windscreen was covered in ice and I knew we wouldn’t get far without cleaning it. We had already been through so much together and our exit from the building meant that the long sessions were finally over. We needed to move on to our next location, but the car and the ice needed sorting out.

Out came a scrapper. Where did that come from? But I was standing beside the One who calls things into being. He untied a piece of cloth from around his waist, the same one He had used inside the house to wipe my feet after He had washed them. Before I could state the obvious, He got to work. From the left side to the right, He scraped the ice with one hand and wiped them off with the cloth in his other hand. I was excited. Soon enough we’d be on our way. I had been in this location for far too long and was desperate for something new.

At the last swipe of the cloth, I jumped into the car, into the driver’s seat and started the engine. It was chilly inside and I began to shiver, only to look up to the realisation that I still couldn’t see through the windscreen. He got all the ice off, didn’t He? I looked around and wondered why He hadn’t come into the car. It was cold out there, but He just stood by the door, looking at me through the window with a smile on His face. Why wasn’t He getting in the car? The more I looked at Him and His smile that could light up every darkness, the more I realised why He was still standing there by the door. I was in His spot and I needed to move over to the passenger seat. It took me a while to manoeuvre, but finally I was out of His way and He got in.

I look at the windscreen and looked at Him. He heard the question in my heart, “Why can’t I see through the glass?” The compassion in His eyes exposed my ignorance and His willingness to give understanding and clarity. I didn’t know how long it was going to take, but there was something He wanted to achieve with us just sitting there. With every passing moment, my view through the glass got clearer when all we did was just sit there and breathe. It was cold before, but not anymore. His presence in the car with me was all the warmth I needed. Soon enough, all the fog was clear and we could see. He looked at me with His never-changing smile. I smiled back. It was time. A year had passed as we sat in that car, but it was time to move, and I might not know where we are going, but He’s in the driver’s seat, so I have nothing, nothing at all, to fear.

My birthday was on Tuesday, the 27th of October. I honestly have been in hiding irrespective of what had been going on around me, but I have finally come to the point where I cannot hide anymore, and it’s for a good cause. I’m grateful for the journey and grateful to the One who has walked with me through it. I am also thankful for the encouragers He placed around me, some of you are on this platform, and I celebrate your willingness to be used by Him.

It’s my season of Re-Birth and I want to share the story with you.

I’m proud of the video editing skills I have acquired 😀

Made for You!

This song means the world to me. It tells the Lover of my soul that I recognise who He has called me to be. It’s my birthday present to Him, for all the love He has shown me over the years, love that I never even deserved. He surrounds me with His angels, seen and unseen. He surrounds me with His peace that calms my every storm. He surrounds me with Himself . . . what more can I ask for?

Thank you to everyone who believed God’s word concerning my life and didn’t give up on me too early, it is counted as righteousness unto you.

We are all made for God!

I want to thank my dear brothers: Emmanuel Akinola who took the time out of his busy schedule to bring the song to life, and Joshua Crown who took the vision and animated it. God bless you both.

30 thoughts on “The Fog Within

  1. Absolutely beautiful! Your dad’s advice was something I will now treasure myself. You are true inspiration.
    I have recently found what you said in your video to be so freeing and true. Letting our preceptions of who we are supposed to be for this person or that person, go and be who God created us to be for His glory. I was amen-ing through your video!
    You’re beautiful Tosin…inside and out!

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    1. My dearest Amy, your words have always encouraged me. There are many stories you have shared that could very well be mine, so I understand why this will speak to you, because our darling Jesus loves us both and wants us to all He sees. When He looks at us, He is consumed with love, if only we can see His eyes 😍. We will allow Him love us back to life 🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗

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  2. Beautiful, Beautiful, Tosin! You are beautiful, God in you, you sharing God, your video, your song, your voice; it’s all so beautiful!
    I love the praise and adoration in your story; I love the way you tell it; I love your message.
    Glory to God in the highest!

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  3. First let me start by congratulating you on your birthday and wishing you many joyful returns in Jesus name. May you increase in wisdom and may your coast be enlarged.
    I was greatly inspired by your story… but what sincerely baffles me is that having known you for over two decades, you’re someone I admire so much because of your strength, courage, tenacity, compassion and love of God. Thank God for revealing to you who you truly are in Christ Jesus. Thank God for revealing the tricks of the devil who has come to steal, kill and destroy. …

    Now thanks be unto God, which always causeth us to triumph in Christ…. you’re more than conqueror, Tosin. The devil is beneath your feet already and that beautiful song says it all. Souls will be won to Christ and many will be led to worship God through it. Please keep at it and release the next one soon. We are waiting and backing you up in prayers

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    1. My dear Auntie Remi, you are so so dear to me. You always speak life to me. You always encourage me. Strength calls strength, that’s why I’m always strong around you. Thank you so much for your prayers, we won’t fail our God!


  4. Tosin, all of that was absolutely beautiful – the writing, the video testimony, and the song! Praise the Lord! I identified with your testimony. I went through much of the same feelings and struggles as you early on in my life. I knew when I was in my late 20s or early 30s God’s call on my life, and I followed that call only to keep getting “slam dunked” by pastors, elders, and church people, time after time after time.

    And then I went through a down period where I retreated and I went the wrong direction with my life for a time until the Lord brought me back around to a similar place as what you now describe, where I knew I had to close that door on my former life and I had to be who God called me to be even if people hate, reject, mistreat, ignore, abuse and persecute me in return. And, they do, but not all, thank the Lord. But I will continue to do what God called me to do even if all abandon me.

    With regard to your singing voice, I absolutely agree with what you said. I enjoyed the two songs we did together, “It’s All You” (6/4/19) and “You Loved Me” (12/5/19), two songs 6 months apart from each other, the first one it was your words and my music, and the second one it was my words and your music (mostly on both), but truly it all came from the Lord through us, his servants, and that made it beautiful no matter what our voices sounded like. Amen?

    But I also liked your new song, too. It is beautiful! With the way you have it recorded you might even be able to submit it to someone for publication, I don’t know. God knows what he wants to do with it.

    Oh, and I wanted to say something about the part of your testimony where you talked about getting out there and doing what God has gifted and called you to do and not letting people bring you down, or something to that effect. That is how I ended up on the internet. People kept discouraging me from being who God made me to be, even within the church, and so the Lord put me here where I can blossom, and where I can be who he made me to be, and that is wonderful that we have this place, for however long it lasts, where we can be fully who we are, by God’s grace. Amen?

    Anyway, I had to wait until I could get to my computer so I could type this, because this would have been way too long to write on a smart phone. I just want to encourage you that everything you did here was beautiful and for God’s glory and praise, which is what your song “It’s All You” was all about.

    Love you much! Sue (or Gma Sue)

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    1. I remember your the Lord laid it on my heart to reach out to you that first time. So would have thought that it would be the beginning of a living relationship? I’m grateful that He would lead me to His special daughter who has by His grace faithfully walked in obedience to Him, someone I can gladly emulate. God bless you, Sue. You’re certainly grandma Sue to us in my home. We love you really ❤

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      1. Well… it doesn’t work lol!!

        I tried a new blog and new everything… wasn’t getting any attention. Finally after over a week someone told me that they couldn’t access the blog….

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          1. I have no idea. WordPress doesn’t like me anymore? Lol!

            I had to come check up on ya. Don’t want you thinking I forgot about you or unadopted you.

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