From Us to You: 2021 Calendar

As it has been my custom for the past 2 years, I’m happy to share the 2021 Calendar that the Lord led my family to put together. I know we are already 5 days into this year, but the messages in this issue will resound through every day for the rest of this year.

Happy new year, dear readers, it’s our year of the Holy Spirit.

35 thoughts on “From Us to You: 2021 Calendar

    1. Took a while for me to send it, but I’m glad I eventually did, and super glad you were looking forward to it. It’s a very practical theme this year, one I’m already looking forward to living intentionally by, by God’s grace. Happy New year to you, dear Kathy. God bless you so much for all your encouragement to me.

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          1. Well, The Eclectic Contrarian is no more. The blog is gone. I’m still on my WP account but that’s about it. For some reason I just couldn’t keep going.

            But for the people who want me here, I’m doing this.

            🤜 there. I hit ya back 😁🤜

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                    1. Makes no difference. The difference between family and whatever else is that no matter how long we might have last spoken, we can’t get rid of ourselves. Blood is thicker than water as they say.

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        1. I’m been well. Many new things in the mix of an already interesting life. We’ve just been thrown into another lockdown yesterday so we’re listening for God’s leading on how to carry on this time. But the family is fine. I hope to come back here more frequently.


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