mama like no other!

Through the years, every second of the way, even when distance seemed to prevail, she’s been there . . .

Through each trial, every heartbreak and pain, even when giving up seemed the only way, she’s been there . . .

The first one to smile at me on my entrance to this world, probably the first to smack me silly when I did wrong . . .

The one who cried herself to sleep each night, holding on to faith so tight, praying I’ll turn out just right . . .

There is no mountain she cannot climb, no fight she has not won, and no trial she hasn’t come out standing tall . . .

There is no bridge she cannot build, no task she cannot complete, and no barrier she would not break through . . .

The one who taught me that God’s promises never fail, not in just what she says, but even in her walk each day . . .

The one who opened my eyes to see, that the arm of flesh is nothing compared to the grace that God gives . . .

My dance trainer, my prayer partner, my strongest critic, my motivator, my sister, my friend . . . MY MOTHER!

There are no words that can express the gratitude in my heart, that God placed me in no womb but yours, and brought me out to no arms than yours, and made me feed on no other breasts but yours . . .

And even now I’m joined to another; still our bond of love cannot be broken . . .

So today, I celebrate you; that on a day like this, many years ago, God who put you in your mother’s womb and brought you out safely into her loving arms.

Happy Birthday to the strongest woman I know.

Happy 65th birthday, Mum!

22 thoughts on “65

  1. Happy birthday mummy, greater grace and many more God’s blessings in Jesus name, amen. We love and celebrate you ma.

    Parabéns senhora. Deus te abençoe sempre em nome de Jesus Cristo, amém. Felicidades!
    Pastor Abiola Adesola Rasaq & family.

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  2. Thanks be to God Who did all that you said about me because I am not what He did not make me and l don’t have what He did not give me. Glory to God and thank you so much for being a wonderful daughter that you are with your loving husband and brothers too.

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  3. Upon reading through, I was at first jealous, then, I realized that being jealous was useless, because we also adopted her as our mother… 😜.
    Happy birthday mumsy like no other…
    More of God’s grace and goodness on you.

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