It’s been almost 4 years since I started writing on Alethea’s Mind. I remember that day like it was yesterday; the day I posted The Resurrection. That was the start of a journey that has led me to more clarity and illumination as the Lord orchestrated it. From that moment, I began to appreciate the power in OBEDIENCE.

After my second child, I knew there was no more depth left of the depression I had sunk into, the next point would have been to give up completely, and I couldn’t take that option, so the only way was OUT. There just had to be a way out.

Jesus answered, “I am the way . . . “

John 14:6

If no one has ever told you, then allow me to: PARENTING IS THE HARDEST JOB IN THE PLANET. There are no qualifications, there is no job description, there are no trainings and there is no leave: the moment you get in, that’s you for the rest of your life, stuck in a bucket of roses, serenaded by the scents and pricked by the thorns. It’s the biggest PARADOX of life.

A lot of people lose themselves when they become parents, but for the most, people actually find themselves on the journey. Your true identity stares you in the face: your character, your patience, your integrity, your truth and it’s often not pretty. If you’re not careful, you’ll begin to dig your grave and bury yourself as you realise how inadequate you are for the job.

For those who have had to raise children without the help and support of family close by, I can only raise my glass in solidarity. The job becomes even tougher and there might seem to be no light at the end of the tunnel. That was how I felt, at least. We pray to have children and then when they come, we pray that our lives might be a little easier: between those who don’t have and those who do, there is a pain that the other will never understand; so we carry our crosses and hope that one day the load will lighten, whichever way.

Depression? You asked?

Now I hope you get the picture. And if this has never been you, please bottle up whatever you have been drinking and sell it on Amazon, I’ll order an unlimited supply.

But we don’t have to wait for the end of the tunnel because there is light within it, and we will only see the light when we OBEY. The first ray of light came for me on the day I published Alethea’s Mind. The Lord wanted me to release it all. There is something about having an outlet. Instead of always looking within yourself where of course you might find nothing good, it’s good to look out and see where you can pour yourself into. That was what Alethea’s Mind did for me. It began my transformation from being the Dead Sea to a stream that is constantly flowing. In obeying the simple instruction to write, I began to receive light for the journey through the tunnel.

Yesterday, my sister reminded me of a song I introduced to her some years ago. It’s funny because I couldn’t even remember the words so we had to google it. Finding that song helped me look back to where God brought me from: the child whose destiny the devil tried so hard to destroy. But at every turn, the Lord redirected those detours and kept leading me back to Himself, and that song was one of His tools, hearing it for the first time as a 14-year-old.

I learnt very early as a child that God has a plan for my life, and trusting Him will always be the only way. I may never understand why there are so many twists and turns in the journey, like the story of Joseph, but all I can do is trust the One who knows the way.

There’s a line in the song that always gets me:

I’ve let go the need to know why. I’ll take what answers you supply: You know better than I!

You Know Better Than I

Are you in a low place? It might not be as a result of the stress of parenting. It might be any low place: from a strained relationship? A place of stagnancy or loss? Declination in health and the uncertainties of tomorrow?

Throw all your eggs in Jesus’ basket. I can’t guarantee you that some of them won’t crack or get broken, but I can assure you that HE WILL CARRY YOU!

Trust Him . . . and whatever instruction He gives, OBEY!

17 thoughts on “TRUST AND OBEY!

  1. Your post reminded me of the many years I spent as a single parent while my husband was deployed. Yes, I had the support of friends that I had made on each new base that we moved to. But, I didn’t have family alongside me, ever. In fact, I gave birth to our second child without my husband there and with my neighbor taking me to the hospital and then staying with me until the ordeal was over. Single parenting taught me to get closer to God. Every time we moved, I looked for two things: a new church (with a pastor that was open to helping me if I needed it) and a library (for the solace I find in books). I have had pastors take me to the ER with one child while their wife watched our other child. I have had pastors help me find used furniture when we moved and had none. You get the idea. Relationships are so important, and the most important one is the one that we have with Jesus who has always made sure that I was never truly alive,

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    1. Wow, Vickie! That must have been something. I don’t want to begin to imagine what it must have been like doing it almost alone and adding the difficulty of moving around. But here you are, such an embodiment of encouragement. Would you say that all those years made you stronger?

      It’s good to have friends who can help. In fact, without them, I don’t think it would have worked at all. They’re the hands and feet or Jesus around us. God bless all those who were there for you.

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  2. I get it, and I’m with ya, Tosin! I was a single mom, no family around. A couple years into the new journey, it hit me that THIS IS 24 / 7 / 365 ALL. THE. TIME.
    But that was how God grabbed me, and I’ve been in His grip ever since.
    I love you, Girl, and you’re in my prayers.

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    1. This is just amazing. I’m glad that all the women I look up to here have such great stories of God’s help. All these experiences drew us tighter into His hands. There’s nothing to complain about. They are all stories of victory. Love love you, Kathy 😍

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