My Healing Poster

(I wrote this on my Facebook page some minutes ago. So I’ve moved it here, because I know it will bless someone who gets to read it here too)

I’ve gone through a lot of mental battles in the past years running up to 2020.

I encountered a number of people who made me feel less than human. I met those who made me feel so unloved and unappreciated. I came across those who, knowing or unknowing to them, made me feel like there was really nothing of worth in me, and as far as life and service was concerned, I really had nothing to bring to any table.

I came into a society that I wasn’t used to and thought I could just be myself, but I only realised on the way that you don’t just be you in places like that, you have to break and be destroyed and become someone else so you can ‘fit in’. I made a number of mistakes, but instead of receiving correction, I got criticism behind my back that could not even be hidden in front of me.

For those who knew me during my Uni days in Ghana, you’ll know that the God-fidence I had in my identity was impenetrable. Well, until the time it all crumbled before me.

I’m not trying to focus on what ‘people’ did to me because I want a pity party, I’m writing more about it because I want you to know that you will meet such people in life and you might have to go through the same experiences that I did. No offence to anyone, it’s just the human condition. I may even be the villain in another person’s sad story: so of course, I’m not the perfect one; JESUS ALONE IS!

Now that I’ve established the state I was in, here’s the most interesting part:

I’ve written about my Rebirth and made a video about it too, so it’s not new news. But I want to share a tiny detail that might help someone. Last year, in the journey of Rebirth, the Lord instructed me to do something. He asked me to write out all the things I knew I was in Him with regards to my identity. Then He told me to reach out to someone who could make a printout of it in some handwritten form.

So I got in touch with someone in my area who I knew could do it, and she made this poster for me. It’s a big one. Every day I wake up, I see it because it’s right in front of my bed.

What the words in this poster have done for me is consciously and unconsciously feed my mind and spirit with what God says about me. So when the devil and his horde come for me, I HAVE ARSENAL!

You see this battle of the mind, we will fight it till Jesus comes back for us. So there’s no need to waste your time and effort playing the victim and feeling sorry for yourself. My brother and my sister, get your fight on.

Forgive those who have been conscious and unconscious tools used against you. Follow the leading of the Spirit so that you don’t become an evil tool yourself. Then arm yourself with ALL THAT GOD SAYS ABOUT YOU, AND GET YOUR DAILY VICTORY.

By the way, every word on that poster has scriptural backing. Oh the beauty and the completeness of the WORD OF GOD: so get stuck in!

27 thoughts on “My Healing Poster

  1. It makes me happy to think of you rising each morning to these Truths from God. 😁 Thank you for sharing your precious poster.
    BTW, I am love, love, lovin’ your Devotions with Ms T!!!! ❀

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                1. Popcorn πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

                  I’m fine but tired just now. Just finished writing the drama script for our carol concert. I’ve used up all my brain cells for the day πŸ˜‚

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                    1. I’m just patient.. I wait for you to post. Then sometimes I just come and aggravate you on posts I haven’t read yet.

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