Insulate ‘Christians’

As I listened to those words come out of her mouth, I became quite ashamed and worried at the same time.

Last night, as Boo of Life and I would spend some evenings browsing through Youtube videos, we came across GBN’s interviews of some of the ‘Insulate Britain’ protesters, who, in the name of peaceful protests, have been obstructing traffic and constituting a nuisance. I’m sure you might have heard about them, that’s if you haven’t already been disturbed by them.

As I watched the interview of one Gabby Ditton, a spokesperson for Insulate Britain, I became very confused about their mandate and what they hope to achieve. For me, as a Christian who believes every word of Scripture, it has become a conundrum to know where to stand on all the CLIMATE CHANGE brouhaha going on at the moment, but I know that one thing is for sure, this world will end because GOD SAID SO. So listening to this lady raise the alarm about us being in the final moments because of what we are doing and not doing to save the environment made my skin crawl.

Do we really think WE HAVE THE POWER to do anything to save this planet? This is an honest question I hope a sound Christian can help me answer. But that’s not the reason for this post so I’ll end this digression.

Gabby Ditton, in her interview said this and I quote:

. . . they are quite welcome to lock us up. We are far less afraid of anything they can do to us than what is coming down the road, and I know I keep saying it but that’s because it’s true and yeah, I think they should lock us up, they should charge us and they should throw everything, and that’s what people are saying that they want so they should go ahead.

Gabby Ditton, GBN Interview on the The Clash

As I listened to those words come out of her mouth, I became quite ashamed and worried at the same time. I could hear the words of the Apostle Paul boasting in his chains because of the cause of Christ. I could hear Peter and John boldly tell the Pharisees that they would rather obey God and not man and keep preaching the gospel. I could see Stephen not afraid of the stones flying in his direction because he knew he was dying for what he believed was true.

These guys at Insulate Britain were sounding like what we who hold THE TRUTH should sound like. They are not afraid of prison or loss of property and status as long as they propagate their truth and get their voice heard; yet, some of us Christians are hiding in the confines of our church buildings instead of running into the streets and crying CODE RED because, yes, the world will come to an end, but it won’t be because of CLIMATE CHANGE, but because one day, JESUS will return to judge the living and the dead.

I asked Boo of Life why we are not as courageous as the lady on our screen and he said,

‘Maybe we don’t really believe what we preach’.

I remember listening to a sermon at my church in Kuala Lumpur. It was Cristian Moscoso preaching that day. He said something along these lines: If you brother told you not to disturb his sleep and there was fire in the house, are you not going to wake him up and get him out of the house because he requested not to be disturbed?

That analogy has never left me. It does hold me accountable, and I hope it won’t stand against me on the last day. Because I’m in a house on fire, and I see lot of my brothers and sisters asleep, and though they have warned me not to disturb them, I’m tempted every day to listen to their warning. But am I really going to let them go down with the house?

Are we going to let those we claim to love burn?

So as I think about Gabby Ditton’s courage and assess mine, I weigh both ‘truths’ and acknowledge that mine has more at stake: SOULS AND ETERNITY!

9 thoughts on “Insulate ‘Christians’

  1. You raise deep and valid points, Tosin.
    First, while I don’t believe we can “save” the earth (because, as you say, God will destroy it all in His perfect timing), I do believe we are to be good stewards of the gifts God gave us. This Earth is a tremendous gift, and we are poisoning and destroying it as fast as we can. I applaud those who righteously work to reverse this sin.
    Second, I think that, if God is calling a person to run into the streets crying CODE RED, then that person ought to do so. God doesn’t call each person to go about, grabbing persons by their collars, and proclaiming the gospel. I do think He does call some to do that. We are to live our lives with a clear conscience toward God. If He calls us to do something outside our comfort zone, then we are to step out in faith and complete the assignment, no matter the consequences (we leave those to God). Much of the time, that involves living out our daily lives and interacting with those God brings into our paths. We are always to be His light.

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    1. I’m proud to call you my wise friend, and the wisdom of God does flow through you. I love how you point out that the Lord calls us to live a life with clear conscience towards God, and that can only be achieved in the place of obedience. So we must listen for His instructions and follow them. That’s how we will shine as light. Thank you.

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  2. “God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble. Therefore will not we fear, though the earth be removed, and though the mountains be carried into the midst of the sea; Though the waters thereof roar and be troubled, though the mountains shake with the swelling thereof. Selah.”
    ‭‭Psalm‬ ‭46:1-3‬ ‭KJV‬‬

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  3. Over here we were told that to keep the fear alive once corona died down the media and others would start screaming about climate change. So here we are – yet again something to strike deer in the hearts of the people so more control can be thrust upon them and more freedoms taken away.

    Should we care about the environment? Absolutely. Should we protect the earth? Yep. But how much more freedom are you willing to give for witless politicians to keep enacting laws to tell you how to live your life. To me it looks like the British and American citizens are willing to hand over control of their lives to people they think will protect them but who only cares about clout and power.

    May Jesus come soon and may the weak church repent before he does.

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    1. My thoughts exactly. The fear mongering is beyond demonic. With such matter of fact-ness, we’re all going to die in 3 years time, they say. I can’t even begin to imagine where these lies will take them.

      Amen. May Jesus come soon. And may we tell the world that He is the only hope for humanity. Thank you, Lisa.

      As for the autocorrect, lol, I shake my head. Autocorrect is another pandemic.

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  4. This was profound! Thank you, Tosin, for sharing this. So, glad you decided to blog this. It does really come down to if we truly believe what we say we do. For, if we do, in reality, believe the truth of the Word of God and of the gospel of our salvation, then we would be spreading the gospel of Jesus to as many people as possible while we still can. Right now, at least here in America, the internet is still open for us to share the truth of God’s word, but that isn’t going to be forever. What we post on here will possibly go out to people throughout the world who then may share with others who will share with others. We have no idea the impact we can have in people’s lives if we will just obey the Lord in making disciples of Christ of people of all nations and being the light of the world and the salt of the earth.

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